Carrefour / delivery of products not as per the arranged timetable (purchases were done online)

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Incident date: 16 sept. 17
order number: [protected]
scheduled delivery time of products : 14.00-16.00 local time ( abu dhabi ) time

Good afternoon !

Having completed an online order, with the order no. mentioned above, the delivery of the items was supposed to be on the 16/09/17 between 14.00-16.00 lt. Payment was made through my credit card, however the delivery was never made. At around 18.30 on Sep 16th I gave a call to the customer service call cente in UAE to resolve my issue. I was told that Carrefour was facing difficulties on the day with the deliveries and that my case would be resolved asap. If that was the case, the professional approach would have been for a carrefour representative to call and inform me about the delivery delay. Nonetheless it is understandable that sometimes unforseen circumstamces can occur, so I trusted that my stuff would be delivered by the night as I was told on the phone. The situation continued like this with undelivered items, multiple calls were made again and again to the call centre, and the issue was not resolved. The ONLY answer i was getting from the call centre staff, was that "somebody would call me back", which never occured.

Today, Sep 17th, I called the call center repeatedly, since my items are still pending on delivery without any update or notification from any carrefour staff, which is completely unprofessional for the name and image of CARREFOUR. Like yesterday, the answers from the call centre staff was the same, that i would receive a call from SOMEBODY from the appropriate department and that my situation would be resolved. Until now, the situation has not been resolved and my delivery is still pending. My patience has been running out and I feel unappreciated by carrefour staf[censored]

I made the online order as I have a very serious reason which makes me physically unable to visit the supermarket and I am in real need for the items to be delivered to my house! I was relying and looking up to the reputation of Carrefour fort his kind of help and service but saddly I was more than greatly disappointed. It is devastating to be stuck in a house without any water and food to eat due to Carrefour's unreliability in this matter! I have been dedicated to the product that carefour has been delivering for many years and I have always considered it as my first choice amongst other similar brands, however, after this experience I am left with no choice but to explore competitor brands who are more reliable!

As a service recovery, I would only be satisfued witha full refund on my ordered items and a delivery free of charge due to the huge inconvenience considering my current circumstances, unprofessional handling of the issue by carrefour staff and my time alocation to try and figure out a solution for this isuue!!!

Kind Regards,

Aris Pantazis

Sep 17, 2017

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