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Carico is a cleverly structured marketing organization. Its purpose is to generate income through the selling of overpriced utensils for the home. Large numbers of online posts complain about their mediocre goods and phony lifetime guarantee. In addition, people who answer Carico's recruiting ads are asked to provide "work references" which the company then uses as sales leads. Recruits are seen as nothing more than potential customers: They are not interviewed nor even told about the company or job. Instead, they are made to sit through a motivational pitch devoid of any real content. In the end, Carico hopes to convince the recruit to pay a fee for marketing materials, then join their pyramid scheme. Thus, many people complain about the smarmy way their recruiting process is done. Keep in mind, some of their veteran sales staff do indeed make a lot of money, but such income is based on manager percentage-- the higher the manager is ranked on the pyramid, the more of a percentage he or she receives from each product sold. To support this percentage system, the products are absurdly overpriced. In other words, Carico’s pyrimid scheme has to sell poorly made items at high prices. Some online posters report Carico's pans falling apart within weeks of purchase and pressure cookers blowing up. When customers try to collect on the “lifetime warranty, ” Cairco ignores their calls or gives them the run-around. Cairo representatives typically try to wear down the customer and sales recruit with cheesy sales jargon about "nice things, " "top quality, " and "unlimited income." Don't fall for it!

May 19, 2017

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