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Islamabaad, Pakistan

Dear sir, The conditions set for bonus of captain are very cumbersome and with these conditions they may not be able to maintain their health. Working for min 11 hours and earning Rs 18000 in a week means he cannot avail even a single day off. How he would survive with such conditions being a human being. If he gets a day off then he would not be able to get the bonus. There is a need to review these tough requirements for long time survival of this service otherwise the service may stall. My suggestion would be to keep following conditions for betterment of all stake holders..
1.Weekly bonus should be linked to rs 15000 earning with out specifying the online hours per day.
2 guarantee should also be linked to only rs 2000 earning per day.
The existing conditions for captain bonus would render many of them sick and it would be bad for everyone.
Aziz ullah
Emai [protected]
Mob [protected]

Sep 16, 2017

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