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Caracol Cream / unauthorized charges

1 United States Review updated:

Hello my name is andrea and im in the state of ga. And I ordered a jar of caracol cream from this company and I recieved the jar of cream and I returned with in 4 days. Now here is where the problem began there was supposed to be a 14 day free trial on 6-1-09 $59.65 was deducted/debit out of my account over drawing my account. Now I recvd thisn order on 5-22-09 and sent it back to this company on 5-28-09 that is not 14 days thats on 7 days now I did call and spoke to 1 very good customer service agent and she was indeed a good at what she do her name is tracy and she has a very nice accent but now I may be forced to call my attourney asap because I have o - tolorence for such mess, and I will call the media and also caracol dont know who im employed with so I dont pay my lawyer fees for nothing this calls for a higher justice/jurdicial. Thanks a disatisfied customer

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  • Pa
      27th of Aug, 2008
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    Keep charging me for unordered creams even though I returned one and have never agreed to continue this product. Very expensive and I can't get them to stop billing me for this product!

  • Pa
      16th of Sep, 2008
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    UPDATE on Caracol cream. Many of you have written me to see how I resolved this issue of unauthorized billing. First, I filled a dispute with my credit card for charges already made. Then I had them freeze my acct so no more charges could be made. (they will issue a new account number and you may still use it, but any former charges will no longer be honored, you still owe whatever balance was due but no more charges will be put thru on the old number, effectually blocking Caracol from making any new charges). This is a lot of money to be automatically billed EVERY month but at least they will be blocked from doing it again. Repeat, they issue you a new number on the old account and you can continue to use it under the new number. Only old auto bills will be blocked. I hope this helps all of you who wanted to know how I solved the problem.

  • Ma
      21st of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    I cancelled my order after five minutes b/c I read these complaints. The company said they'd cancel, but did not want the order number. I got suspicious, and notified my credit card company not to authorize any more charges from this company. They advised me to refuse delivery by taking the unopened package to the post office and say I was refusing delivery. That way it would be sent back by the post office at no charge to me. My credit card company said they would remove the $4.95 charge from my account, and not allow any further charges from Caracol. IF any did appear, I am to circle it on the bill, and deduct it from the amount due.

  • Fa
      25th of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    I am so angry I to ordered the caracol cream and they did not send a return slip with the cream so I have no way of getting in touch with them. Every time I call customer service they tell me to e mail them and when I do there is no such e mail and my mail is returned. They need to be served a warrant because they are scamming people

  • As
      29th of Sep, 2008
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    I ordered a trial size period jar after I paid $4.95 for it a chat window came and offered me a cheaper shipping $1.95 so I agreed but then I saw the $4.95 taken out of my acct. I called them and they told me that it was a computer's random selection, from which I got some doubts so i cancelled my future shipments within 14 days. The company took another $59.95 out of my acct. I called them again on 09/26/08 to make sure my order was cancelled . but when I chatted with them they gave me this address to cancel .I was charged full price for the 14 day trial period and I am not sure if I will be charged again. I want you to help me get my money back and stop this scam company . I think there were and will be more victims .I only have there phone # but not there address. I want my money back and stop the future shipments from this company. please help me.

  • Te
      1st of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    This company is a complete scam. They charged my credit card for a product I returned after a few days. From what I am reading they are doing the same thing to other people. I emailed the "customer support" six times and everytime I got the run-around. From what I understand, since they are located out of the country very little can be done.

  • Ju
      9th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    I was terribly disappointed in how I was put off & spoken to in circles, in trying to resolve this problem. I decided to try the TRIAL OFFER, (which I never received), but, a while later I received the large jar of Caracol Cream & found that it did not really make any difference in the quality of my skin. I called to return it & was told to send it back & they would credit my account. This was all after several tries to call & either the call was dropped, (by you), & I got a dial tone, after waiting or was just left hanging on the phone. I would appreciate my $ 59.95 credited to my account A.S.A.P. & hope that others don't have to waste half a day as I did to try & get this problem solved. I wonder what happened to the "TRIAL" Offer !!! It's strange I never received IT !!!
    This is definitely FALSE ADVERTISING if you ask me !!! Please be sure to remove my name from any of your products in the future.

  • Pa
      14th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    same exact experience with this company. It's a scam.

    What was ""free"??

  • Mo
      20th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    Below is this evening's chat with "Alan" the "specialist"...

    Thank you for choosing to live chat with today! We are currently routing you to a live chat specialist and they will be with you momentarily.
    You are now chatting with our live chat specialist'Alan'
    Alan: Welcome to Caracol Cream Livechat support. How may I assist you today?
    you: Well Alan, you must be the only person working tonight. This is XXXXXX XXXXXX again and I am quite concerned. You see I was just researching your "company" and found many many websites proving this is a Scam. I am especailly concerend about the posting below...since I just sent mine back to this same address... Caracol Cream Posted: 2008-09-29 by Lisa [send email] False return address Complaint Rating: Company information: Caracol Cream 5300 Ontario Mills Parkway Ontario, California United States Phone: 877-550-0630
    Alan: Thank you for your query
    Alan: i do understand your hesitation
    Alan: but that address do exist
    Alan: thats our return address
    Alan: where you can return the jar if not satisfied
    you: here's another...I must insist that you reverse that debit of 59.95 immediately. If my account is fully charged I will contact my on...Caracol Cream Posted: 2008-10-05 by Trish [send email] scam Complaint Rating: Company information: caracol cream 5300 Ontario Parkway Ontario, California United States After ordering the trial version of caracol cream, I immediately sense something was wrong and knew I would be canceling any further orders despite whether the product was any good. I called the company yesterday and they took down info but told me I would have to go to the site to recieve return instructions. However, when going to the site, you cannot find return instructions. My instinct again, told me not to delay. after typing in a few searches I found this site ~ with numerous compliants. I immediately called my credit card company and blocked on charges from this company. I urge you all to do the same!!! I will not do business with a company that takes advantage of their customers. Totally unsatisfied with customer service!! Again ~ block your credit card!
    Alan: your future shipments have already been cancelled
    Alan: for refund to apply you need to return the jar
    Alan: could you provide me with your return tracking number
    you: actually yes, I was able to access my DHL site and the tracking number is XXXXXXXXXXXX- this is the Waybill Number
    Alan: please give me a moment
    you: I missed the last outgoing pick up today so it is going out tomorrow with a 10:30 am delivery on Wednesday morning.
    Alan: well its showing tracking number not found
    Alan: you would have to wait till the package gets delivered
    Alan: and get back to us
    Alan: and we will refund simultaneously
    you: - hold on and I will prove the waybill number to you
    Alan: its showing no info in DHL tracking site
    Alan: you would have to wait till it gets delivered to our warehouse
    you: It is not yet in the system because it has not yet been picked up. It will be picked up before noon tomorrow and delivered to you by 10:30 am Wednesday morning. I will be back to you via chat I assume, on Wednesday afternoon to confirm that you have credited back my funds. Please also know that this entire conversation is being documented.
    Alan: i understand that
    Alan: but your refund will be processed once the jar returns to our warehouse
    Alan: you can get back to us and we will process your refund
    you: I will absolutely do that Wednesday during my lunch hour EST, with you on PST you will have already received it by then.
    Alan: sure
    Alan: Is there anything else I can assist you with?
    you: Not until Wednesday. Good night "Alan"
    Alan: Thank you for chatting with us, have a good day ahead!
    Alan: Thank you for visiting. Please contact us at anytime.

    Hopefully my persistance will work in getting my money refunded.

  • Li
      3rd of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    My experience is just as bad as the other complainants.
    I did receive my free trial offer. liked the product and hence was looking forward to receiving my next purchased jar of Caracol cream but... after Caracol have taken over Usd 100 from my bank account split over two bank transfers, I still have not received any of the two jars I legally am owed by the company.
    Promises of shipping has been made by Caracol in writing but no shipping confirmation or products received.

    Personally, I will not support a company with either bad business practices or mismanaged inventory and poor financial accounting.

    I strongly suggest you do not buy from this company who is preying on woman's wish to look younger and is only letting us down in the most insensible way.

  • Ka
      10th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    I ordered the cream and was not unhappy with it but it didn't live up to the hype. I have been charged for a secord order but have not received any shipment. My advise is to stay away from this company.

  • Li
      15th of Dec, 2008
    0 Votes

    Back in October cancelled the auto-ship program for this product, or at least I thought so. After trying the cream I developed a mild rash. I'm still being charged and I'm still receiving unwanted shippments of cream. I called the 800 number to set this matter straight, and the Caracol staff, very conveniently, could'nt find my account information but have no problem charging my credit card, somehow they did'nt loose "that" particular information. I have to cancel my credit card to avoid future unauthorized charges and unwanted product. PLEASE BE ADVISED; AVOID doing business with this company. They're not professional at all.

  • Ha
      18th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    I received a bill for their club membership back in January and called to cancel (no merchandise received.) in February i received anotheer bill which did not show seems while we were away the creme was delivered and left on our porch and my neighbor picked it up. when she noticed we were home she gave me the package and I called ups who picked it up on the same day. Feb. 9, 2009.

    Today (feb. 18th, ) i received a letter fr. my credit card co. in relation to this charge ( with interest we never never paid interest on anything since we pay in time and in FULL. I called the credit card co. and they refered me back to caracol; the representative spent a great deal of time trying to find me in their system. She couldn't find me. I just tried both Caracol support and return sites. nothing. The bill is over $100 which includes interest. Where do i go from here.
    I am again going to call my credit card co. with all the aforementioned.

    Harriet from Suffern, N.Y.

  • Ha
      18th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    This is a scam. I am not alone but why should I pay when it was returned especially the interest charges which as aformentioned never had to pay in my lifetime.

  • Gi
      19th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    I ordered one shipment in January.
    They sent a second unathorized shipment in February

  • Ka
      29th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    I have been through this sooo many times with other web sites. I was charged for an entire year for a service I ordered once!!! Beware. The only way to dump the biller is to change your credit card number with the bank entirely. Also, I avoided it when ordering a facial massager with cream by telling the telepone orderer to NOT SEND ME ANY MONTHLY CREAM, just the one time facial masager unit. This worked and I haven't been charged. But you gotta keep checking your billing statements the bank sens at end of each month!!!

  • De
      14th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    I ordered a specail offer for Caracol cream in March and they billed my card again for a bottle in April. This time it was for $59.95, not just shipping. When I called 877-550-0630, the number on my Visa bill, they couldn't find my name and told me to call 909-970-2517, the direct number, and this isn't a working number.

  • Pa
      27th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    Over the internet I ordered Caracol cream and it was advertised that I could use it and if I did not return it within 30 days then I would not be charged the $14.50 for the product.

    After speaking to my doctor who was getting ready to preform a procedure on my face, I returned the product unopened. Therefore, I should never have been charged anything.

    Every month for the last four months I have been charged $68.90 from this company and to date I am arguing with the credit card company to have this charge removed from my Washigto Mutual credit card.

    The Caracol cream company is located in Ontario, CA and they do not have a good phone number, so I cannot speak to anyone there.

  • La
      22nd of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    Hi, my name is Laurie and I am a Canadian journalist who is researching the company selling Caracol Cream, including the web sites and people behind the company.

    I would like to speak to individuals who have bought Caracol Cream and received charges to their credit card that they did not anticipate, or have other complaints about their dealings with the company.

    I can be reached at the following email address if you want to share your experience.


  • Ma
      23rd of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    Hello, my name is Maria and I am a producer with a current affairs show in Canada called W5.

    I am researching the product ‘Caracol cream’ and wanted to hear from anyone who has complaints about ordering the product online, unauthorized charges for free samples, or the company distributing it.

    Please e-mail me at [protected] to discuss your experience.


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