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Car Phone Warehouse - Canary Wharf / Unruly behaviour

1 India

I will like to report an incident that happened at Car Phone Ware House Canary Wharf. My name is Mr Fatusin the director of STJ Systems Ltd currently an IT Consultant with Credit-Suisse Bank in Canada Square Canary Wharf. I am a customer with your company for several years and had been to many of your braches. My current phone is a Nokia which i bought around February and insured with Car Phone warehouse. There was a manufacturer's fault with it and i took it to your branch in Canary Wharf. I was told it will take about 2/3 weeks and i was given a courtesy phone. I came 2 weeks later to see if my phone is ready as the courtesy phone was not very good. I was given a replacement phone which was not equally good but i decided to wait for my own as i was told it will be in the office the following day. I went to the office about six times after then and the Assistant Manager Miss Patel said there was a delivery problem and that immediately the phone arrives i will be given a call. I waited till 15:00 PM last Friday 29/09/06 which was the third week without any call from your company and when i went to the office i did not have the charger for the courtesy phone ,i asked as usual if my phone has been sent and the staff said yes. I had to go back to my office and bring the charger by this time i was upset as i would not have had to get back for the charger if i had been informed that phone has been returned. I complained to the Assistant manager and she told me that i raised my voice on her i told her i am upset because i have been messed about by her and her staff that if i had been told that my phone is back after coming there for 6 times i would not have had to go back for the charger. The next thing she told me just take your phone and go.

I said can you put my SIM card in my phone that the least you can do is give me back my phone the way i gave it to you. She said no that none of her staff will attend to me and that if i do not leave the store she will call the Security for me . I told her that i insist she puts the SIM card back in the phone. The next thing i saw was four security guards. They asked about what happened and i explained to the man. The security guard told her to put the SIM card in phone so i can go. She said no that i have to apologise to her before the card can be put in my phone for me. I said its the other way you are the one to apologise as she has been out of order i therefore asked for her details that will make official complaints about her. I have been to other branches and Staff's were always polite which was i keep coming back to Car Phone Ware which was i was so surprised by the actions and behaviour of the manager.

I felt very embarrassed as i was escorted out by 4 secure men like a common criminal when i was not violent and all i asked was to give me back my phone the way i gave it to them and i have an insurance with the company. I have never been shabbily treated like this in my life as a result of this i suffered emotional trauma and i could not even go the shopping complex again.

I would like the matter properly investigated as there was a cover up and a formal apology for this unruly behaviour and appropriate compensation for time wasted especially from a senior staff of the company. Her name is Miss Patel the assistant manager.

Many Thanks



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