Capitecfailed me once again! what's new

Firstly, they did my stop order wrong. I went to the branch again!! Then imy account was blocked, I couldn't receive transfers. Went to the branch again!!! Was told it's because of fica documents!!! Of which I submitted.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Johannesburg, MI I was then given a letter as proof that my account is now active again!!! Not with capitec!! They just never get anything right the first time!!! It's bloody still blocked!! People still can't transfer money to my account!! I can't be going to your stupid bank every bloody weekend. I have things to do and a child to give my attention to!! On weekends I should be home enjoying time with, y son!! Instead i'm at capitec every weekend trying to rectify their mistakes!! Their incompetence is costing me so much!!! I have to spend my petrol every damn weekend!! I can't do this anymore!!!

Feb 13, 2015

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