Capitec Bankloan payment arrangements

I have gone into bank to make payment arrangements as I have lost my job I advised them I applied for uif and will be paid within 35 days time.I advise that they should deduct r500 for the loan when any money comes into the account, I called up so many times no help, I went into cape town branch and they said I didn't make arrangements for money transfered into account only for uif uhm hallo I said any money and on the bank letters confirmation it states any wage or salary not uif? The call centre agent advice no I can't speak to a manager and no not getting my money back apparently I never made arrangements for did I give a date actual day I will get any money in the account. Or did I simply state I lost my job I applied for uif if any money should come in they can debit the agreed amount? I emailed complaints still nothing completely hopeless and left with nothing for xmas... I feel like saying F you capitec

Dec 06, 2018

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