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Mont du toit farm, Wellington, South Africa
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Halo i've been with capitec for more than 5years now an lobe their service. But since I have changed from employee I just have had problems! I star working for a smaller company and the wherenjn the process of a name change to the company. I didn't relized that it was not registered at sars yet and went for a credit app. The kick it out and said it was fraud cauz my payslip is not matching the system... This all happend on 4th of november. Today i'm still stuggling to do anything on my account because of the prevent status that the furensic department is suppose to take off... The company have been registerd at sars hand I have send them the documents from sars. When I phone the brach to found out what the outcome is they just say sorry we are waiting for the people to come back we did send them the e-mail... I really need the money before the 1ste of january and the people at the branch just say sorry we must wait!!! I have never struggle with capitec this long ever!! Not very good service and I still need the money. Think about yo go to another bank that will help me better!

Dec 29, 2015

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