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Capital one protects counterfeiters, not their cardholders. What's in your wallet ?
I had game of thrones dvds seasons 1&2. I ordered seasons 1-6 from ebay as I couldn't order just 3-6. The dvds would not play. They got to the warning screen and the disclaimer and froze up. Or they were glitchy - jumped around and the audio would cut out. I could rewind them and see whole scenes that would not play forward. Aggravating.
Counterfeit ? Ebay has a page explaining how to check by downloading the nero infotool, which I did. Http://www.Ebay.Co. Uk/gds/counterfeit-dvds-how-to-spot-them-and-what-to-do-with-them-/[protected]/g. Html
My original season 1&2 tested out as 2 layer 7. Xxgb.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Salt Lake City, UT The ebay ones tested as single layer 4. Xxgb.
When I could get no response from the ebay seller, and my complaint to ebay expired without the seller providing me a pre-paid mailing label as required, I complained to capital one.
Capital one wants me to get a third party opinion on company letterhead or they consider the dvds genuine and the transaction valid. They also noted that I had not returned the dvds - what - so the crook can sell them, again ?
I found the entire dismissal of complaint dishonest and it has become clear to me that capital one protects counterfeit transactions at the cost of their customers.In my case, they say I am a liar because I can't "prove" the dvds are fakes.

Jan 14, 2017

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