Capital One Mastercard / poor customer appreciation and lack of customer appreciation


Always always giving misleading information. Every customer representative apologizes for the one before because of giving incorrect information. I want my credit card increased and I want my loyalty as a customer to be appreciated. I am tired of capital one treating me like crap because they know I need them to rebuild my credit and I think they use that to their full advantage. I have always paid my account on time with the exception of a couple of times but all in all they have always told me that I am a good customer. Then do something to show it. I want my card increased to 750.00 or 1000.00 before Friday. I work my butt off at two jobs and make more than enough money to cover any payments that become due. I have submitted previous complaints to do with capital one and I would appreciate a response by return email.. Thank you.
Please email to [protected] or call [protected]. If I can take the time to contact you then I would appreciate you taking the time to respond to me

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