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Capital One Financial / poor customer service

1 United States

I called today 12/28/2017 to discuss a letter that I received explaining the reason for a decline request for a line of increase on my credit card. I was transferred to an escalation dept and spoke with Candance who's the worst employee that I've spoken to since being with Capital one over a few years period. She told me that she couldn't see or discuss the letter with me and demanded that I read the letter to her. I had told her initially when she came on what the letter said in general but she wanted to hear the words verbatim. I had spoken with another rep a few days ago when I first put in the 2nd request online but had not yet received the letter and she was able to see the first letter and we went over it together and I was satisfied with her conversation. However, when I got the second letter which was identical to the first with the same reason, I decided to call back as I had contacted Equifax which was cited as the source and they denied reporting any late payments or recent delinquencies. How is it that I got a letter from Cap One but a staff at capital one cannot see the content? It doesn't make sense & I told her she was lieing and had an ugly attitude; one I'd describe now as condescending . I'd really like someone in management to listen to my conversation with Candace today 12/28 and my conversation with the other staff on 12/26/17 to see the difference in customer service. I strongly believe that she doesn't need to perform any "direct contact" with customers duties. She is NOT representing Capital One's brand. I've read a lot of negative reviews about Capital One and up until today & I've begged to differ. I've Never had a negative experience when calling about my accounts even times when I wasn't happy about an issue. Had she looked at the letter she would have understood my frustration and guided me like her co-worker did previously. Clearly there's a mistake with delinquencies being reported and I'm trying to figure out where it's coming from as I've contacted all 3 bureaus and none seem to have it on file. I'm not interested in the increase line of credit anymore but more so where Cap One is getting this data to render its decision. Sadly, after dealing with Candance today, I'm rethinking continuing my relationship with Cap One.

Dec 28, 2017

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