Capital One Financialmortgage loan

M Nov 22, 2017

Olia J. Rodney Jr. Loan # ES759744 1817 N Johnson St. N.O. LA [protected] or [protected]
I am totally disappointed in the level of customer service that I have received since I agreed to allow Capital One to finance my mortgage loan. I feel as though since the mortgage department is closing, no one seems to care about the customer. Initially I was told that my bills will be paid (not closed out) and I would receive $31, 000 in liquid cash so that I can do things such as pay off my daughter's medical school bills. Two hours prior to closing, I received paperwork that showed that Capital One took it upon themselves to add in the paying off of my Porsche for $30, 000 and that I would receive a check for approx. $700 AND all of my credit card accounts will be closed. This was all after I had already gone through 2 reviews for approval of the paperwork on the original agreement. In addition, once the title guy came out with the paperwork (that I totally disagreed with because the idea was to get cash to pay for medical school), he had my ex-wife name on the paperwork. My wife asked him if she had to sign papers since she was on the title but not the mortgage and he said "no". They also added my other land on the paperwork which shouldn't have happened. I was then told that all of the checks would be sent to me and I would have to send to the credit card co.'s Each day I was told that the checks were on the way. Meanwhile, my bills are getting further behind and late fees are ensuing. Today I received a call that all of the paperwork was incorrect and new paperwork would have to be sent out to me but Capital One is now closed and nothing can be done until Friday. Also, I cant receive a time of how long THIS process would now take (although I still didn't agree with just receiving $700-defeats the purpose of me getting the loan. It has been one problem after the next and I am asking that someone call me at [protected] or [protected] ASAP to provide some type of resolution. Preferably I would prefer to get my cash of $31, 000 as previously discussed without closing my accounts. However if the accounts have to be closed I would rather receive the cash as a priority as my daughter's medical school depends on this.

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