Capital One Financial Corporation / customer service at a particular branch

I have two credit accounts with you, my payments are due so I went in you Westhiemer Branch in Katy Texas today to open a checking account so that I had better access to paying my bills with you while traveling. I was the only person in the bank and yet I still waited over 30 minutes for the employees to help me finalize the transaction. They stood around visiting and then a lunch rush of customers came in they left me standing waiting. Not even a word of acknowledgement. Needless to say the account did not get open and none of my bills got paid. I commuted a length to this branch and then to another branch where the lady made excuses and wanted me to go back to the same branch just to speak to a manager. I have never been so compelled to complain about such a matter, but I have spent the entire year building my credit and working with your institution to not only do that but to keep it simple and easy. I am so upset that I am ready to just open another bank account and refinance everything back to another lender. You can review the security surveillance and see how your employees behaved toward me, 8/6/2018. I have received better service in third world countries. The branch I am referring to is located at 23910 Westheimer Pkwy. Katy Texas 77494, Branch Manager is Trena Ellerbe. I have not spoken with her and chose this branch because in the past I received excellent service for a verification issue I had. Up til now I have had excellent service at both the branches I have gone to, here in Texas.

Aug 06, 2018

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