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Capital One Financial Corporation / credit card services

1 United States

I am EXTREMELY UNHAPPY with the service I receive from this credit card and company. While I can understand your efforts to mitigate fraud, the fact that I am constantly treated like a fraudster is both insulting and frustrating.

The reason I rarely use this card is because anytime I do, many of my purchases are denied due to suspected fraud. This is both embarrassing and humiliating in front of my business colleagues friends and family. It feels like playing Russian Roulette every time the card is swiped because I do not have any confidence that the purchase will be allowed, or oft times will be rejected. I receive a text, email and phone call asking if I made a particular charge; I respond "yes" and it says the purchase is approved... but somehow inexplicably it is not! It says "please resubmit and it will be approved" and yet again and again it is not!

I call your UNHELP DESK and they tell me... "sorry and I need to get a manger, " whom echos the same insincere and scripted obligatory response "sorry and we have to ask you again about your purchases, and can you verify to whom we are speaking, and can we know more about your private life than your physician and can we have a urine sample, then and only then we can approve the purchase. While I might expect such rectal exams at my doctor, I find it incredibly irritating to have to subject myself to such things every time I used this card or call your company. The excuse is that your fraud system is very sensitive, yet I seriously doubt actual criminals have any problem making transactions, only the loyal law abiding customers are prevented from making purchases and treated like Russian agents or bots. All of this over a $25 Notary Public purchase... certainly enough potential fraud to cripple the US economy and cause the collapse of Capital One's $362 Billion empire.

This has happened to me for years and there is no end in sight. I imagine you can surmise from my sarcasm how angry and frustrated I am. As an African American I have had to struggle all my life to build a life and become successful. With all of the struggles I face in this world, I would not expect the same struggles with a credit card (a card I was approved for, belongs exclusively to me, something for which I have a fiduciary responsibility and am legally liable for).

Sadly, I am painfully aware no one in your company will even read this or if you do, will care or do anything about it. There was a time in the past where Capital One gave me a chance to help build my finances and was actually great about their service which is what prompted me to stay with you and even get a second card and third for my daughter (and of course recommend it to all of my friends), however I feel I am reaching a point where nothing is worth this type of abuse and abject disrespect. I know you have millions of customers and you do not care about one, but other cards I have do care and demonstrate it with world class customer service. Ostensibly, I really do not understand why Capital One cannot do the same as other credit providers like you used to.

Jan 30, 2019

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