Capital Oneauto financing

I purchased a car in September of 07 making monthly payments on time and sometimes early. On September 2008, I totaled the vehicle, since then Capital One has given me nothing but hell. On the day of total loss capital one said that my payoff balance was 16, 000 dollars and some change. My insurance company paid off $13000, My maintence plan was reimbursed, and my Gap was supposed to cover the rest. But to my surprise capital one still says I owe them $1397.61. This is crazy. This company has given me nothing but hell since I lost my truck. Someone needs to really stick it to them. In todays economy who has $1400 dollars just laying around not me. And to top it all of, this case was supposed to closed in october, So why am I just getting a letter dated 12/05/08 with 10 days to pay. No phone call saying that I owed them anything. I feel that I have been hoodwinked and bamboozeled. They need to be stop.

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