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Capital One Auto Finance / auto loan paid off?

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Contact information:
Capital One Auto Finance
3905 Dallas Parkway
Phone: 800-946-0332
We had a 66 month contract with Capital One Auto Finance which began with the first payment due on 11/1/2003. Somewhere along the way (hurricanes and evacuations/no power or phones) the contract was extended to 68 months. On June 1, 2009 I knew that my balance was $1138.47 plus $643.76 for the late charges that we had accumulated over the course of the loan. I had been paying my $559.99 payment to them on line or through my bank since 2005. On 6/19/09 I went on line and Capital One was stating that my payment of $559.99 was due on 6/1/09. I paid the $559.99. After this payment had cleared my bank account I went back on line and Capital One is now stating that on 6/1/09 another payment of $559.99 was due and now the total due on the account is $589.76. This amount did NOT include the late charges. I called Capital One Auto Finance and was told that my contract had expired on 6/1/09 and that I was required to pay the entire $1138.47 and I had only paid $548.71 toward that amount ($11.27 had been applied to interest). I asked this agent that if we indeed did owe them $1138.47 on 6/1/09 why, when I went on line to pay our June payment did it not state that my 6/1/09 payment due was $1138.47 instead of the $559.99 that the on line account wanted for payment. I was told that my payment was applied to interest first and then to principal. I then asked why I still owed money on a loan when I had made all of my 66 payments. I was told that the additional $589.76 that I still owed was interest accrued (on a daily basis) over the course of the loan because I didn't always pay my payment on the day it was due. I agreed to pay them the $589.76 on 7/20/09 and on 8/20/09 I would pay the $643.76 in late charges. I received two sets of transaction history reports, both of them showing that my loan balance due was $589.76. On 7/20/09 I paid the loan balance due of $589.76 on line. On 7/25/09 I went back to Capital One's web site and my balance due is still $589.76 but my payment history shows that my payment of $589.76 was received on 7/20/09. I sent them a message on their web site asking why, if I paid the $589.76 on 7/20/09, was my balance owed still $589.76. Their reply on 7/26/09 was that they took my $589.76 and applied it to my late charges. I still owe them the balance of 589.76, interest on the 589.76 of 9.45 plus $54.00 in late charges.
They took my loan balance due payment and applied it to late charges because that way they could still charge me interest on the balance due. They can NOT charge interest on the late charges but they can on the balance due. Their payoff figure is only good until 8/5/09 whereupon they can, on 8/6/09 start charging me more interest on the loan balance due figure of $589.76.
Can I legally get them to reverse where they applied my 589.76 so that they can NOT charge me interest?
Susan Linton


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A  7th of Sep, 2011 by 
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I could not agree more with the postings in regards to Capital One Auto Finance. This is a crooked, greedy, and for lack of a better word "Blood Suckers". I would advice any and all currently considering dealings with this company not to, I repeat "Don't Deal With These Blood Suckers". Capital One Auto Finance company business practices are straight "dirty"! This company takes any late payments you pay on your car loan and deducts it from your next car payment. They deliberately do not subtract the late payment. They allow the "so Called" Late fees to accrue while taking the late fees you send them and subtract from your next payment. This is just deceptive dealings. It makes no sense to pay a car note of $435 and add an addtional $21 late fee ($456.00 = total). Capital 1 then takes that payment and reduces the next payment to ($414.00) meanwhile the late fees accrue to the end of the loan. It's a complete an utter rip-off! They then continue to add interest to account. Even their credit card company is a rip-off. They have the most ignorant people working in customer "no service". They are never aware of what is happening with your account. They literally steal your money with these lame fees & charges. This is one horrible business to deal with it... JUST SAY NO!!!
A  7th of Sep, 2011 by 
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When you receive any statement from a legitamite company that bills you for an account, it clearly states the amount that is owed with late fees. Also, late fee amounts are stated at the time of purchase of vehicle. If you pay any account late * (If there is a late fee) that amount will be noted and requested with payment. When you send your payment including that stated late fee, it should be clearly used as such. If it is your intention to send $21. 00 to be applied to principal then there would be no need to add it as a late fee. I can clearly distinguish a late fee from a principal payment, there is no way i would send a $21. 00 payment to be used on the "principal". Especially when billing statement clearly states that a $21. 00 late fee is due and added to current payment due. I always indicate how much i am paying and why! That's how i handle my business. Capital one auto finance deliberately does not post late fees in order for it to accrue and they make profit!! Don't just wash your hands of any unfair situation, make others aware and contact others to try and make a difference! (Businesses can make a profit with out ripping off consumers)
A  21st of Sep, 2011 by 
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I cannot agree more. Capital One is ruthless and unscrupulous...we used to have the monthly payment taken out of my husband's bank account...and 16 days early to boot! Then he changed to a new bank and I stopped the automatic debit from his account in March, 2011. Well, low and behold, he couldn't figure out why his account was always overdrawn and NSF fees being charged. He paid the bank $30 to stop Capital One being authorized to automatically help themselves as it were. I pay them on the 17th of every month (the original due date) and I also pay a couple of dollars more a month despite the loan agreement. Well, low and behold, despite Capital One being notified that they no longer had authorization to take the automatic monthly car payment out (this was March 2011) this is September 2011...they continue every month to take it out and the bank has been caught not honoring their own legal notice to cease transactions. Capital One receives their payment ON TIME in FULL AMT and they charge us a $25 late fee for NSF fees, as well as my husband's bank charging him $30 for NSF fees. Totally unacceptable. I am trying to figure out just how long this has been allowed/going on because he throws away his statements. We have separate accounts, he doesn't know how to manage money. I am the bookkeeper regarding all the household bills. Just want you all to be on the look out if you had automatic withholding for your car payment and you thought you paid to cancel that authority ... you might want to check your bank's records and make sure that no funny business has been going on. OR you may owe less than you think! But since we are all here and we all deal with Capital One, we know that can't be the case...they never cheat themselves now do they!!??? I am waiting on a PI settlement and want to pay them off, but I am going to have my attorney handle this for us because I have read on the Complaint Board that people who paid off their loan, had an extremely difficult time in receiving the title to the vehicle, if they ever did! I will hopefully be dead before I ever have to deal with this outfit again!!!
A  21st of Sep, 2011 by 
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Listen, I have been dealing with Capital One for the same amount of time, maybe a year longer. Our loan sounds exactly like ours except the dollar amount. My husband is not a very good money manager. We have separate checking accounts and I am solely responsible for making sure that rebuilding our credit is my department. I pay all our bills early (generally the day I receive the bill) it gets paid. Anyway, my husband used to allow Capital One to automatically withdraw his monthly car payment from his checking account until last March, 2011, when I had him pay a one time $30 fee at Security Bank (his bank) to rescind this automatic authorization. A couple of months ago, my husband was doing his daily banking and discovered that he was bouncing checks right and left. He said he hadn't written any checks, and he knew where his balance was supposed to be after he put his paycheck in. Long story short, if anyone rescinds Capital One's authorization to automatically debit your account for a car payment, make sure that your bank honors this legal document. They have been allowing Capital One to take the car payment out on the 3d of the month. I pay this car payment on the 16th of every month from my online checking account at another bank. Anyway, not only is Capital One breaking a federal law by continuing to get their hands on his money and me making a payment two weeks later, they are greedy sons-of-@$(hes!!! I have talked with his bank and they supposedly have this resolved now...but Capital One is charging my husband a $25 NSF fee and a $25 late fee because they now cannot take it out on the 3d of each month. If anyone USED to pay their car payment this way and changed it for whatever reason, please, please, please...go into your online account and check your statements and make sure that they haven't got a little top heavy on Capital One's end...and less on your end. It is a federal law and if they try to dodge this notice next month...really I am ALMOST HOPING THEY DO TRY TO DO IT AGAIN then maybe someone will finally take notice of my ongoing persistent complaints regarding Capital One's sleezy business behavior and their ruthless ways of conducting business. I am currently trying to track down the last six months since this was put in place and see how many times they have gotten away with this and we just happened to catch onto it two months ago!!! My husband is not a very good money manager and relies on my persistence in getting the record straight and paid according to original terms. We even pay more than what originally was in the loan payment amount...but, I cannot wait until we can pay off this note and I hope I am dead in my grave before ever coming cross dealing with Capital One ever again. BUYERS BEWARE...CHECK YOUR ACCOUNTS. I also tried to check his loan account (Capital One) online, but got locked out because I tried one too many times ... and do you think they are going to help me in anyway to reactivate this account? I think I will try to set it up again and go look. They started charging late fees from the very first day the loan was authorized thru the car dealership (big mistake there)...you know how you have a month until you are required to make your 1st car payment (after the initial sticker shock) and dealings...they started the late fees since the day we signed the loan agreement. I will not go quietly into the night until this is resolved...this is my mission in life to get my justice (not necessarily revenge ) and make Capital One Auto Finance honor a legal binding agreement. I will not give up until I am satisfied that I owe no more than I am legally responsible for and nothing more! Thanks for letting me vent...sometimes, I just have to go to the shout out board and let loose. If anyone ever learns anything by being associated with Capital One...you appreciate the important of safeguarding your credit...it is as pure as one's virginity!!!
A  16th of Oct, 2012 by 
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I got a auto loan with Capital One February 2006. Over the course of the loan, I took advantage around the holidays of deferring some payments. This pushed my loan mature date back to June 21, 2012. Around the beginning of June, I called Capital One to see if I could possible get an extension because if I paid my regular payment, $584, I would need until Sept. 2012 to pay off loan. The agent was very nice and even told me as long as I set up automatic payments for my June, July, Aug. and Sept. payments then I would be fine. No late charges would be assessed. Then noticed that he could only to 3 out at a time and told me to call back to set up final payment. After June payment came out and July rolls around, I get a letter from Capital One stating that if I didn;t pay balance in full that my vehicle would be repossessed. Called Capital One and this agent told me this was a letter basically stating that if I don't follow through with payment arrangement my vehicle would be repossessed. After July payment came out I called back to check on status because repo letter scared me. This agent tells me that the first agent had not businesses telling me that I was granted a 3 month extension because they don't do that, but needed to set up my final payment to avoid the repo. She could not promise me my credit would be affected. Checked my credit the end of July, and I am now 30 days late. Called Capital one. Even got a late charge on account. Agent removed late fee because she didn't know why it appeared because I was not late due to extension. August payment comes out and I get a 60 day late on credit report, but no late charge with Capital One on account. Sept. payment comes out paying loan off in full and now a 90 day late appears on credit report. I have disputed this with Capital One 3 times and each time they tell even though no late charges appeared on account, it was still late and there is nothing that can be done about it. What rights do I have and what should I do?
N  12th of Jan, 2013 by 
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We had a 72 month auto loan with this bottom feeder company back in 2006 (had to go with them because of another bottom feeder self insured workers compensation company). We had our payments automatically set up through our bank to be paid every month, and they were. At one time, we were 2 months ahead, because of making an extra payment when we could. They called on Oct. of 2012 congratulating us on meeting the obligation of the loan. Since that call, we get many harassing phone calls daily, telling us to disregard that phone conversation, and that we owe anywhere fron 975.00 to 1300.00 (can't get their story straight). They said that they found one payment not made, changing from in 2006 to June of 2012, to October of 2012. They also said there was a deferment from 2006 or 2008 "they are not sure". What they are probably referring to was way back when they said a payment was not made, and my bank had the proof that it was, and even spoke with them on the phone during a three way conversation. I called and called about the "late fees" on this pseudo skipped payment that turned into a late payment. I also wrote notes regarding it on their inaccurate statements until they stopped sending us statements. Bottom line is that we financed a 16, 000.00 truck and on our original paperwork stating that with interest would be paying little over 20, 000.00, and we have paid them almost 35, 000.00 and cannot get our title. We speculate they will claim we will never have them paid in full. They even changed the original paperwork to my husbands loan to my loan. There is a lawyer that will look at the records for a discounted cost of 40.00, then submit other charges from there. It is a sin that our honestly earned income helped bail these criminals out, and they are still calling the shots. What type of attorney could help assist us in obtaining our title?
N  12th of Jan, 2013 by 
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^ Submit your question to lawyerlocator.com

It is a free site and questions are answered by practicing attorneys.
N  13th of Jan, 2013 by 
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Thank you! We will try this and keep you posted!
A  2nd of May, 2013 by 
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I had a loan that was always paid on time. When the residual balance was 1540.59. I called to verify the pay off amount - they confirmed it was correct if paid by due date. I made the payoff before the due date. Expected to see the vehicle title the following month, received another bill stating "14.03 due with an account balance of 13.99"? promptly paid another $15. The following month no title rather another bill "14.12 due with a 14.07 balance" All the checks have cleared and these guys are fools and crooks. Now acting BBB and an law firm to extract a title for a car that was paid off. Capitol 1 Auto Finance Crooks to the core!
A  9th of Sep, 2014 by 
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Everybody's comments sound like what were getting ready to go through. Were down to the end of our payments, but being told we

owe more than the term agreement, But i have not seen anyone answer if there is any legal action that you could take.

Someone please answer if we need to get an attorney. thanks
N  3rd of Dec, 2014 by 
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My wife and I have made every payment on time and most of the time payed extra. Got someone to buy vehicle from us for payoff after my wife lost her job a year and a half after loan origination. I called to see what the procedure was for paying off vehicle the fastest way so I could transfer the title to new buyer. Called four times to make sure what I had been told was accurate and every customer service rep. said the same thing; pay with certified funds, send it overnight and title will be released in five business days! So the buyer gives me a cashiers check(certified funds), we overnight to Capital One Payment Processing in Monterrey Park, CA, called two days later, 12-3-2014, to see if they had gotten it and when it will be processed and title released, some foreigner tells me that since its certified funds it will take 7 to 10 days to process. I'm like WTF? Then I begin to explain to her what the customer service rep's. had told me and all she can keep saying is, "I apologize, but they were misinformed." I speak to her supervisor, who is also a foreigner tells me the same thing! I don't want your apology, I want the title to the vehicle I just overnighted a cashiers check for. Then she says, "After they process it, it will take another five days to release title." OMG! 15 freakin days when I was told 5? REALLY? By this time all I can do is cuss this ### out! How hard is it to follow your own policies! I will never deal with these idiots again; once they release my title! I foresee this going to litigation, bunch of stupid, foreign, unethical, asinine crooks.
MAY GOD HAVE MERCY, if you get a loan through Capital One Auto Finance.

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