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Canada Post Corporation / parcel returned to sender by mistake

1 Canada

I had been having issues with this one package from the get go but Canada Post made the problem 10 times worse. First, it took forever to be shipped from Amazon (which is a whole other issue in itself), and when it finally was, there were all the Canada Post delays causing it to miss the delivery date by two weeks (at this point it had been almost a month since I had placed the order). I had been tracking it every day and finally saw that it was getting close. On Sunday, December 16th I received an email saying it had arrived at the post office ( I didn't want it to be delivered to my home as its a Christmas gift and didn't want it to be seen). On Monday the 17th I go to the post office after work to retrieve it only to be told that it was returned to sender because I "hadn't picked it up in time". I showed them the email that I had received only the day prior, which also specified that I had until the 30th to pick it up. They refused to listen to me or to look at my email saying that no I was wrong it had been there since November 29th, which was impossible since I had called Amazon around that time to ask them what was happening with the package as it hadn't been shipped yet. When I asked the employees whether it had been returned to sender after only one day by accident, one of them aggressively responded with "If you have a problem you can come speak with the manager tomorrow during the day but you didn't pick it up time so there's nothing we can do. Bye", which was shocking. I called Canada Post once I got home and the employee I spoke with was way way way more helpful. He said that it had in fact been sent back by an employee of that post office by mistake (so I was correct) and would file a complaint for me, apologized about it, and said he would try to stop it from going back to the sender (at this point it was already back at the nearest facility as it had been sent back to sender from the post office that morning at 1030, . Less than 24 hours after it had arrived). I contacted Canada Post today as I saw that if was still at this same facility two days later and they said "there's nothing we can do" even after I mentioned it had been their mistake. Called Amazon and they're sending a replacement ...just hoping Canada Post doesn't mess up again. This is the craziest thing I've ever gone through, delivery-wise and the fact that they were rude, unhelpful and aggressive at the post office is even crazier. Still trying to understand how this mistake was made and how the package was accidentally returned literally a few hours after it had arrived.

Dec 19, 2018

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