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We took it in with a leak on the front drivers side because the outside wall had a crack in it. They found another leak while doing inspection on a rear slide out on the passengers side in the bunkhouse. The 4 vent caps were to be replaced also. They had it 2 weeks when I called to see how it was going, George the Service Manager said he was happy I called they did not know whose camper it was. We had dropped it off the last week of April. After that call he said they would get right on it. The camper sat for 6 weeks, untapped and not put in a bay to keep rain off or out of it. I was furious and got told it was my responsibility to bring in the tarps and bungees to have the RV covered. No signs anywhere that state that, new building does not have it either. I bought the 2 tarps and bunnies )you do not get those back either because people steal, so it is their own employees I am guessing). When I got there with the tarps I was told I had to do it myself, I am disabled, so is my daughter. I told George you do not want me falling off that camper on your property, he said it was not his problem. My daughter went and got the General Manager Rob who actually made him Get Service people to tarp the unit. Now we got the heat and humidity after the camper is now all wet and mold starts growing inside where you can see it, I keep telling them there is mold where you can not see it. Next I get told Open Range is not sending them the parts. I called Open Range over by Nappanee, IN and got told parts were never ordered. This was in August. They finally ordered the parts, got the side on sometime the end of October beginning of November, we stopped in to see about the camper and was told that it would be ready last Friday. I told them I could pick it up Monday when my husband was home, they still had not fixed the vent caps. They were suppose to do some other work that I was paying for but not anymore. The gears for the front legs were needing replaced because the one on the passenger side does not go up and down and the light over the table needed looked at. They took the light down and now have lost the shades and screws, so the camper was left because it was not ready to go. George has told me the camper is not worth repairing. We have owned that camper 2 years this month, they have had it 7 months of those 2 years. They have left it to get wet, mold and Lord knows what else according to George and Rob not their responsibility. When they took it in it sure was their responsibility. The camper was last used last March and was not like that nor that way when we brought it to them. The refrigerator is also rusting inside, not like that either when they got it.
I am just furious, ready to get a billboard telling people to never use camping World and why

Nov 24, 2017

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