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camper repair

Got written fixed price quotes a a Presidents Club member for labor and material for the repair of my camper...

quality of service work

We took our motorhome in for warranty work. We were told it would take 1 week. After 1 week we called and they told us it was finished and we went to pick it up. Only one thing had been done out of our list of about 10 items. They apologized and said if we left it for one more week, they would finish. We did and the next week they called us and said it was finished. We drove back (87 miles each way) to the store and the first thing I did was check the electric awning motor and when I pushed the button nothing happened. They had forgotten to install the new motor. When I went inside they had left my refrigerator closed for 2 weeks and it was full of mold. They had drilled 5 holes in a valance trying to repair it and left sawdust on the floor and black marks on the ceiling from their drill. I had to take the rv to the factory to get the valance replaced. I would never take my rv to a Camping World for repairs again

appalling workmanship and customer service

We used camping world for a mass of work on our newly purchased rv, our experience left us with an...

lack of service

Took 3 week old camping trailer to Camping World of Chattanooga for warranty repairs. Awning broke on first...

stolen car dolly

Dropped RV off with tow dolly attached. Was told 2 times it was ok and tow dolly would be locked up behind fence. Rv and dolly sat in unprotected lot for at least 3 days. Tow dolly stolen and now camping world states that they are not responsible. On top of that, I paid up front [at their request] for warrenty work. Big time rip off and scammers

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terrible service and rip off sales

Purchased 2006 Gulf Stream from Camping World, N. Charleston in December of 2008. We've had to take in...

desperate salesmen

Me and my wife recently stopped by Camping World in St Augustine FL to look at Class A motorhomes. We just...

rude customers

I was in a Camping World store the other day to get a part for my water heater. While I was waiting in line
to see someone in the parts department, when the couple in front of me started yelling yelling at the
guy behind the counter. The yelling was all over the fact that they had an appointment at 9:00 am for an
oil change and that they had not started the work yet. I looked down at my watch and it had only been about
20 min. since they had checked in. The adviser behind the counter told them he was sorry, but they were
very busy and were trying their best to help them in a quick manner. The couple would not listen to the guy
and instead seemed to get more upset. All I could think about was, if you are so busy in your life that you can wait
20 min for a shop to start working on your RV than you have way too much stuff you should be doing other
that getting you oil changed! I mean come on when was the last time you went to the doctors office for an
appointment and was rushed right in the door?!?!?!?

Resolved pop up camper

purchased a used pop up. Asked directly about the roof and it it leaks. They said that if it did they would have whole saled it away. It leaks like a seive. Also, I asked about transferring my tag from my old pop-up and they told me that you cant do it. We inquired at the DMV to find out that they lied. When confronted, they continued to deny it - saying that hey its only 50 bucks, but then finally came around to admit the truth. Very difficult and deceitful dealership. Your worst used vehicle dealership nightmare. Be warned.

  • Na
    NASKAT48 Oct 25, 2011

    Your first problem was buying a pop up. Pop up people are wanna be RVers. Pop ups are cheap pieces of junk, best thing to do is hook up your pop up, drive it over to the landfill, pay the money required to dump, unhook the pop up, and drive away. That is how you fix a pop up. Save up your money and buy a fifth wheel or something that might stay intact for about 5 years or so. Better yet, just buy a stinkin tent!

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Resolved terrible service, again!

Once again Camping World has proven themselves to be totally incompetent and that their could care less about...

Resolved extended warranty

Camping World recently purchased Freedom Roads rv Warranty Co. They do not honor the Warranty. They will pay for the minor repair but if a major repair comes along like a Turbo Rebuild for $1800, they start back pedaling and making lame excuses for why it is not covered. I might add they charged me $6300. for this ext warr. Thus far in 2 1/2 yrs I've had $1000 in claims. They seem to want to claim the other $5300 as profit and will do so by dening my claims. I cancelled and got a $2800 refund. Others should beware.

  • Un
    Unhappypappy Apr 20, 2011

    Refused to refund my deposit after raising the price.

    There were no contract signed for the deal

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  • Ir
    irvin gregory Jun 24, 2011

    buyers beware, I purchased a 2 yr ext. warranty from cw care on our motor home and told them i would pay cash, 4113 dollors for 2 yrs. they took the money and sneaked it in on our finance with the bank. now they will not pay for any repairs, leaky toilet, ice maker and steps not working, by the time you pay your deductable and there diagnostic charges it amounts to almost the whole bill, you cannot cancel out and get your money back because they gave your money to the bank and got theres from the bank financed, what a bunch of crooks. our contract came from columbia south carolina campers world. i will never buy anything from there stores again.

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  • Pa
    Paul n Anna Jul 05, 2011

    We are new RV owners and are looking for a quality extended warrenty for our used RV. Do you have any suggestions?
    Thanks Newbie's

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  • Sh
    Sheepdog42 Apr 26, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yes open a credit card for 10, 000 but don't use expect for major repairs. the you would be paying the same because the extended warranties are a joke nobody pays their claims!

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repair issues and damages to camper

My husband took our camper to Camping World for the repairs in September 2007. He left instructions to...

Resolved don't have anything repaired there

Auburn Poulsbo RV is famous for giving people the run around, giving poor service and ripping people off!!! I found this out only after I went in and rescued my 5th wheel from them. I can only hope that you find this out before you fall victim to their shady tactics. The service is poor and the salesmen I dealt with, Stan and Bruce are out and out liars. Don't have anything repaired there. They fix things so you have to bring it back again. They supposedly did a multi-point inspection. They supposedly repaired the hot water tank. If they did anything, it was done incorrectly. They were supposed fix the hot water tank. When I got it home, it didn't work. I called around and took it to Camping World in Tacoma. That was also a huge mistake. They replaced the entire tank and installed the "one way" valve wrong. They also hooked my RV up to city water with out the pressure reducer and blew several lines. Now when I hook city water with the reducer to the RV, water pours out the fresh water tank inlet. This has been absolute madness. No one will accept responsibility for their actions.

the customer is not always right!

Camping world - albuquerque, nm may 02, 2007
Aaron aragon - general manager

At 8am on april 23, 2007, I arrived here for my appointment to install 2 window awnings on my 2006 national seabreeze lx. Knowing that these awnings would have to be pre-ordered, I called at the beginning of the month and spoke to the service department at length to order the correct sizes and colors that would match the existing patio awning. We are full time rvers and would only be in albuquerque for one week and I schedule the appt. For the first working day we were there.

On arrival, my appt. Could not be found in their computer and I told them when I had called and who I had spoken to. My husband had called again on april 9 and added the installation of an air filter but they had no record of that either. We were told that it was lucky they had a cancellation that morning and should be able to get the jobs done by early afternoon. I was assured that our awnings were there and we left the mh and went off in our car to pick up friends staying north of the city.

We received a call a half hour later from the service department stating that there were no awnings there, as we had not prepaid for them. I was extremely upset and asked why a payment was never requested when I ordered them over the phone, and was even given an appt. And was assured they would be there on time. I asked to speak to the manager and was told he was busy but would call me back as soon as possible.in the meantime we turned around and drove 15 miles back to the store.

While speaking to the manager, I was informed that prepayment for special orders is their policy. That was fine with me but they apparently forgot to ask for it when I placed my order. I would have been more than willing to give them a credit card over the phone if they had asked for it. Now I asked how they could resolve this as it wasn't my job to know their policy. I asked for overnight shipping at their expense and the manager said it was impossible because no carrier could handle the 12 foot pole length of the one awning. Since we had reservations the following week further east, he said the only thing he could do is order the awnings then and have us drive to another location for installation and he would comp the installation charge of $80.00. I also stated that I wanted them to pay for the shipping charges for my inconvenience of having to go out of my way to another store location. He agreed and then went to the service department to write up the new charges.

The new bill reflected a savings of only $100.00 over the original bill of approximately $800.00. Upon closer inspection, we did not have the same figures I was quoted on the phone. My original quote for the awnings was $998.76 minus $199.00 for discounts and president's club savings. He stated those figures were wrong and how did he know where I got those numbers from and also that I probably heard wrong over the phone. I told him why do you think I wrote everything down that day including who I spoke to etc. He said the original bill would have been approximately $1000.00 and he was comping $300.00 for shipping and installation. I had been quoted $72.00 for shipping 2 awnings and $80.00 for installation less the president's club discount. He handed me a reworked bill and told me that was it, take it or leave it and you and I are finished.

To sum it all up, I expected to pay $800.00 for this job. I did everything necessary for this appt. And camping world dropped the ball and offered me $100.00 for my inconvenience, 3 unpleasant hours at their store that morning, and a lesson that the customer is not always right and as a result I will no longer be a customer.

Patricia weber

  • Do
    Don-J Jan 03, 2012

    So... you got a custom-made 12 foot awning produced, shipped to a different location, installed for free ... and for $100 less than you planned to pay for it in the first place (not to mention $300 less than the dealer really wanted) and... you're complaining about it? Sheesh, lady... really??

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I will never visit camping world for servicing or installation again

My vacation was scheduled for july 1.2006. I initiated the replacement of my broken down refrigerator one...