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Worse buying experience ever.
Arrived at 12:00pm, decision was made to purchase a camper and numbers agreed upon by 1:00pm. Did not leave the store until after 7:00pm.
Apparently there was only one finance person working. After we agreed to 'the deal' which I initialed stating that my payment was not to exceed a certain amount and I needed a hitch thrown in the deal because my truck didn't have one (we drove over an 1.5hrs to get to your store) we were told no problem, just needed to wait for the finance person to go over the paperwork.
Finally at around 4:30-5:00 I was called in to go over the loan details to find out that the payment exceeded what was agreed to. Miraculously the interest rate was dropped by a point and a few hundred dollars was shaved off to get to the number. This took another 30 minutes.

This is my first travel trailer, I didn't know that I needed insurance until around 5:45. Ok, but why wasn't this a part of the sales discussion knowing that I had a budget. Was told I couldn't leave with the trailer without it so we did this over the phone. (this was not pleasant since they charged an additional $6 on the first payment because I didn't have my checkbook with me - Good Sam Insurance)

By the time I got the insurance, the store and service shop had closed and nearly everyone had left. So it's a little after 6:00 and I asked if they put the hitch on my truck. Nope! They bagged it up with the $500 worth of accessories my wife had bought and it was in back seat of my truck! The salesman indicated that did not want me to leave with the camper because the hitch ball needed to put on with an air wrench. Of course I was extremely unhappy at this point since it is now dark and I have 1.5 hour drive home and have never pulled a travel trailer before. A gentlemen showed up who turns out to be the GM. He offered to open the garage and help us mount the ball onto the hitch.
All was going well, he found a breaker bar and appropriate socket and torqued up the ball hitch. Now everyone has left including our sales guy and we are now completely alone, I take the hitch and get onto my truck, backing up to the trailer was a nightmare because my wife is not good at giving these instructions on how to align. Finally get there, start dropping the trailer onto the ball and realized the tongue was not dropping onto the ball. At this point the GM was pulling out of the parking lot and pulls up giving help with his headlights. He inspects what’s going on and sure enough, they gave us the wrong sized ball. He was nice enough to go back and unlock the store and get the correct ball and then reopened the garage to install.
To top it off, we bought a $200 grill and an adapter hose ($45) to use the quick connect on the outside of the camper (picked out by the sales associate). This adapter will not work with this grill. In fact it’s a Coleman and it turns out there is not a commercial adapter made but instead you must modify the grill in order to use the quick connect. Your sales associates should know this rather than just help you throw this stuff into a shopping cart.
A day that started out be exciting for my wife and I ended up being one of the miserable days we’ve spent together.

Mar 07, 2017

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