Camping World of Oklahoma Cityemployment

I worked at this store for three and a half years. We get a new general manager who was before a sales manager. What a joke he is. No leadership training whatsoever . He rubbed shoulders with upper management to get the job. I had asked to apply for the job and nothing. I then asked for the open sales management position and was told I didn't hear good enough for that and they knew I had a hearing problem which I was getting corrected.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Oklahoma City, OKSo I walked in on a Saturday morning the middle of april only to be fired by there punk GM (who is now a regional manager) and asked him why. Only to be told an accumulation of things. I worked hard and above what I was suppose to do and made Mr. Lamonis ALOT of money. I was not the only one fired that morning which was another sales person who had started with me. Since then I had applied at different RV business only to be blacklisted and I have proof. Now he has hired his crook friends to work there. Just wish I had finished up my case with the EEOC. But you can say all you want, they don't care and neither does the owner.

May 02, 2017

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