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I hope that this reaches someone who understands business... I worke for this company for two years and yes i was terminated, but this is the most unorganized company i have ever been involved with from the GM to the Vp's. I hope that training will be a big improvement since this company has gone public because there is none. From my expierence they have no problem writing off millions of dollars in the service dept. Ive seen it with my eyes. No problem you can improve on that. The sales dept. Is the baby they make the money while the retail side i saw 150, 000$ in shrink i. Two years. I saw that the entire system is flawed. I saw vips once in a year after put into a position never done before in my life with NO training and as long as you push Good Sam, PPP, visas roadside your ok... I had a VIP if you lost thousands lof dollars it didnt matter what a way to lead... I just think that this whole operation is. Completely ran wrong from the top yo the bottom... I had the GM ask me too bribe a employee not to call corporate so he didnt get a complaint... Great leadership. I have never seen this before and it was a disturbing expierience...i plan to keep talking this...

Jan 27, 2017

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