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Worst experience ever!

I am extremely dissatisfied with the customer service from the camping world in Avondale AZ. The customer service experience is the worst I've received from any service based company.
First, the service writer CJ was rude to my wife when she was dropping off the trailer, he was rushing her through the repair list, mind you these are the repairs that didn't get 100% complete. My wife needed help unhooking the trailer and he had a poor attitude about and stated that it wasn't his responsibility to unhook. Which is fine but being that I work in customer service there are ways of communicating with customers no matter the message. Then half way through the list we are told moldings are completed only 90 days from purchase but yet when they were selling us the trailer they told us bumper to bumper repairs are covered through the 1 yr warranty. Then we were told that we can only request 8 repairs at a time.
Secondly, when I returned to pick up my trailer I noticed that the repairs I had listed either got done very poorly (almost as if they felt it wasn't worth their time) and some items weren't even repaired. Mind you I had to wait several weeks for these repairs to be approved since they are under warranty then once approved they don't get done? How does a company operate this way? Is there any type of QC check or follow up?
Lastly, to top this bad experience off I sent an email to the service Writer CJ requesting resolution on these lack of repairs and to speak with the service manager but I didn't get a response until almost a week later but still not resolution or service manager response. They certainly don't have a sense of urgency for customer service.
I came to Camping World because they are large, famous, and a reputable dealership for RVs, and I thought I was making the right choice in buying from them but this terrible experience proved to be otherwise.

I would ask that this message be delivered to the President of the company or the highest executive possible. They need to know what I experienced because I know I am not the only customer experiencing this type of service.

Oct 08, 2018
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      Oct 30, 2018

    I took my 2018 Jayco out right after I got it and after we had a bumper to bumper check, we found that the water heater or the refrigerator would work. After several calls I was told to take the unit back to Golden CO.
    On Monday I took the unit back and forced them to work on it why I was their. After several hours of waiting and replacement of several parts it was found that when they filled the propane tank, they filled it to 100% rather than the 80% and it would not let any propane devices work.
    So at that time they opened the bleeder on the tank to lower the propane level. So while this was happing the unit next to mine was getting a new awning and they let the awning loose and it hit the side of my brand new camper.

    While I was there gave them a list of things wrong with the coach, and was told that they would order the parts.
    I contacted them on Aug 30, 2018 and was told the parts were waiting on me to check on them.

    I took them the coach on Sept 4, 2018 to have the work done that was supposed to take 2 weeks to do.
    I talked to them and was told that they were waiting on parts.

    The weather in Colorado can change quickly so I told them to winterize the coach.
    When I spoke to them last week they told me they were going to have to replace parts that broke due to them letting it freeze.
    As of today Oct 30, 2018 they are still waiting on parts.


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