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Bowling Green KY, US
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On Saturday January 21st, my wife and I attended the Camping & RV Show at the Galleria in Marietta Georgia.We browsed over 100 different campers and companies.

We ended up coming to the same conclusion we did about a year ago, the Jayco bunkhouse was best for our family. We begin the purchase discussions with Gary, the sales rep with Camping World. We told him we wanted a different trim color, we negotiated the sales price, approved a lender through Camping World's partnership and told him we wanted to think about it overnight to make sure we were making the best decision. On Sunday January 22nd the sales manager from the show called me and asked me what it would take to make a deal today.

We discussed it and agreed upon it. I drove the hour long drive back to the show and began to sign papers. Upon signing, I saw the VIN number was the same one as the demo at the show. I asked about it and they said they made a mistake and he went to correct it.

When he came back he said they did not have the trim we wanted so this is was the next best thing. My wife was not happy as this seemed to be a bait and switch tactic. We discussed it with the sales rep and he apologized but that he couldn't do anything to get the camper we were promised with the features we were promised. We eventually ended up agreeing to the demo camper that had all the features except the trim we wanted.

He promised the stains in the floor would be taken care of, the trim on the front storage compartment would be fixed, and we could pick it up from Woodstock. On Monday January 23rd I received the call from the delivery team and they told me I would have to drive 2 hours to Oakwood Georgia to pick up my unit. I was furious but had no other choice. They told me they would have it cleaned and ready to go but that I needed to plan on an hour and a half so that they could go over the unit with me.

When I arrived, the delivery specialist was not available so they put me with a tech named Tom. Tom was the best thing of this whole experience. He was nice friendly and very knowledgeable. He did everything he could do to make the process smooth and I learned as much as I could from him.

The unit was not washed, the stains and trim had not been taken care of, the remote did not work fully because of a burned out fuse, the TV remote did not work, the outdoor kitchen door did not shut right and the lock was broken. While I waited for him to attach the anit-sway hitch to my truck we bought over $150 of accessories. When the truck was brought around by another driver, the sway bar hitch broke and dented the front tow frame of the camper. We had to have pieces of the hitch replaced.

We were at Camping World for 7 hours and we still do not have a camper in a condition that we were promised. Now we have to go back when the parts get in, all the way back to Oakwood and have the carpet cleaned or replaced and the outdoor kitchen replaced which will be several weeks to months from what I am told. Since the first week, I have taken my trailer to a different camping world only 40 minutes away. That was on February 11th.

At that point I was told that it was going to be several weeks or up to a month before they would even look at the trailer. We have now had to cancel 2 camping trips (one with several other people and one with our family). I got an update from the service manager last week and he said he was still waiting on warranty items to come in so they still don't have plans to start working on the trailer. So I was sold a unit with a certain trim then told it wasn't available and then settled for a different unit based on an understanding that it would be in perfect condition.

The promise that the unit would be perfect at delivery yet nothing was done to make it close to perfect. Then had to drive 2 hours (almost into another state) away from my home instead of picking it up from the dealership closer to my house like I was told. I have purchased a camper that is not at new quality, not the unit we wanted and hasn't even been in my driveway yet. I have sent emails to people at dealership and at corporate with no resolution.

The sales Manager at Oakwood dealership told me I "Got an awesome deal and maybe it was too good because they couldn't follow through with it"????Really?

The only person I have heard from Corp was a customer satisfaction call to do a survey. Once I told them, they got a supervisor named Jason Shipley who has seemed to try to help by requesting the Regional VP Joe Cline to call me. The VP still has not called me in 2 weeks.

Mar 08, 2017

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