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Last October 2017 our search for a home ended when I saw this gorgeous Carina Model house for sale in Camella Ozamis. I knew it was for us because it is beautifully situated next to an airport and closer to Family and Friends. It's just perfect for us. On October 2nd 2017 I paid the reservation fee right away. I was promised that the entire house renovation and any necessary repairs will be done prior to turn over. Down payment was paid in full on March 1, 2018. On March 2, my bank agent claimed my loan was released. We were guaranteed the house would be fully renovated and repaired at this time. I was promised by Camella my turn over date would be April 13, 2018 which we were unable to make. My camella Agent said my house was ready for turn over and that we missed our chance and now we had to wait till they have an engineer available for another turn over date. As we were assured by camella that there will be no turn over unless the house is up to "CAMELLA STANDARDS" . We were informed by the agent that turnover would be May 2nd. Furthermore, we were guaranteed by the Engineer that the house was ready for occupancy. Believing we had a home to stay in, We purchased tickets to fly home from the U.S. Yesterday May 2, 2018 a full two months after the downpayment was paid and the bank loan released we finally had our turn over date. We arrived and were so ecstatic to finally own a home in the Philippines. Then... it happened. My heart sank in dismay. Unfortunately camella standards meant nothing. It was so painful to see the condition of the home. I was told the house would be in pristine condition not ‘as is'. My husband and I are by no means home experts but if what we can see is so substandard. It is very concerning to think about how much is wrong with what we don't see. 😶


May 03, 2018
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  • Na
      Jul 14, 2018

    BEWARE - DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THEM. We purchase a home in Camella Ozamiz back in December 2016. We arrived in the Philippines in April 2018. We found that our neighbor attached their home to our home. Camella Ozamiz appeared to have approved this. Over the past 4 months, they have stated it will be corrected. They have now sided with the neighbor since they feel sympathy that she spent money on the addition. Please note we have paid for our home 100%. Camella Ozamiz has chosen to not respond to any emails in the past two weeks. They have refused to correct the issue or even provide an update. Contractual documents state any addition is to be 2 meters from the property line. They are not enforcing that requirement. Also, I wanted to point out the poor construction quality. Our home has thousands of cracks in the interior and exterior concrete. They have stated this has been repaired, but will not provide information or assurance that this will not be an ongoing issue. We have requested our money back and they actually told us they could but we would lose so much money in penalties. So we get penalized because they will not correct the issue and we did not cause any of these issues. There are so many other issues and I could write for hours. DO NOT PURCHASE A HOME FROM THIS DEVELOPER. NOT JUST IN OZAMIZ, BUT IN THE ENTIRE PHILIPPINES. WE ARE NOT THE FIRST. WE READ REVIEWS AND JUST IGNORED. WE THOUGHT IT WOULD NOT HAPPEN TO US. WE WERE WRONG. OUR DREAM HOME HAS BECOME A NIGHTMARE.

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  • Te
      Oct 30, 2018

    Does any of you here get a reply from this board?

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