Calvin Klein / final sale items


I bought a 80% off blouse as a Christmas present. I took it home and tried it on to make sure my mom could fit it, and even though it looked good, the back looked too big on me. So I went back to return it. The Sales Associate pointed out in the receipt that I cannot return it because it is FINAL SALE. It made me UPSET because NO ONE in the store told me that the clearance clothes were FINAL SALE. If I had known, I would not have bothered to buy anything in that store. NOWHERE in the store or on the counter did it say the clearance items were final sale.

Forever 21 ALWAYS tells you their items are exchange only, no returns. And that their jewelry is Final Sale. Why can't the lazy SA's of CK tell me the same damn thing? Lazy broads. I am never shopping here again!

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