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Complaints & Reviews

refusal to return jeans that did not fit

My wife purchased 3 pairs of jeans for a Christmas present for our son in law. Since they were a Christma...


Purchased a Calvin Klein handbag from John Lewis, on the 6th December 2015 as a Christmas present for my partner, wrapped the bag up and give it to her on Christmas day, that day we went out for lunch and the strap from the leather charlene hobo fell apart losing two of the screws on the one side of the strap managed to find one but not the other totally upset my christmas love the bag but obviously had to return it and got my money bag, now I am without a bag as I cannot find one I like to replace it, branch number40 assistant GL3146 transaction number 264317 in Buchanan galleries glasgow, cost of bag was. £240.00 pound and have the receipt

sealed package empty bottle

Ordered two 3.4oz bottles of Calvin Klein Intense Euphoria for men. Product delivered. First bottle OK. Second sealed package in box opened to an empty bottle. Did not contain any toilette spay Ingredients. Called company, left message and phone. No return call. Sent E-mail with details including bar code on box with empty bottle. No answer. This company is a rip-off. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY

rude service

Today I went to calvin for shopping I bought 2 tops from there I liked the top i bought so I decided to wear it in fitting room after payment as soon as I came outside I realize the top is torn from arm.so I went to calvin klien for exchange and i told them I paid for this top like 5 mins ago but it's torn can u plz exchange it but their manager was so rude to me instead of apologizing for my inconvenience she shouted on me saying that next time we r not gonna do that i tried to tell her that all I want was to exchange it becoz it's torn. It was hell embarrassing ...anyways their customer service just ruined my whole day...never ever going back their

destroyed my watch

Sent a Calvin Klein watch in Feb it was a Christmas gift it had a crack on the face asked them to replace face I get and estimate of over 280.00 they said it need a new crystal and tuned up mind you it came from Calvin Klein and delivered my wife said a week before Christmas then in Feb it for some reason cracked no one would repair it they said I had to send to Calvin Klein for repair which ended up being this rip off company aforementioned. I said send it back it took 20 days to get after being harassed by them for being so pushy when it came back the watch was destroyed unable to work and the entire timing was busted. They had at least 10 excuse's non of them maid sense Adam Carpentia was the major offender. There are at least 50 c0mpalints on web sight of shoddy service

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faulty product

I purchased a handbag from a Calvin Klein store whilst on holiday in Florida on 6th January 2015. Within a month a hole had formed in one of the corners. This was not due to wear and tear as you can clearly see the fabric has slipped out of the beaded edge because the quality of workmanship was poor. I sent an email to service.[protected]@calvinklein.com on 12th February 2015 but did not get a reply. I sent a second email on 2nd March 2015 and received a reply from a lady named Desiree. She asked for a copy of my receipt and a photo of the bag which I sent by email on 4th March 2015. Desiree advised me that her section only deals with European complaints and she would have to forward my email to the relevant department. She said someone would be in touch with me. By 25th March 2015 I had not heard anything so I sent a further email and again on 20th April 2015. Still no reply. I live in the UK and there are only international contact numbers for the company so I am apprehensive to call due to the cost. I cannot find an alternative email address either so currently I do not know what to do next. Any advice would be greatly welcomed.

faulty product

Calvin Klein Jordan Dome Satchel

poor service

My sister and I were waiting for a Calvin Klein store to open for aprox 10 mins, which was fine, it came over the tannoy that all the shops were now open so we entered the store to be told we couldn`t come in because they weren`t ready and we would have to wait out side. If they were not going to be ready on time they should have a notice on the door so we would not of wasted our time, she was most rude. this was on 23./10/2014.
I sent an e-mail to complain about the service expecting an apology and an explanation, I got through accidentally to an international Calvin Klein rather than a UK customer service but they were very helpful and forwarded my complaint.
Thirteen e-mails later I have only had contact from this one agent with her apologies for the Uk`s bad handling of this, I have had no contact from the UK at all, this is atrocious, it has made a simple case into an intolerable case of rudeness, I am extremely upset to be treated in this manner and to be ignored by Calvin Klein. I will not go away.

  • Valerie Oct 28, 2008

    I had bought my PJ pants maybe a little over a month ago, well i had them on &&& had to go out to my car to get some money, and well as I was getting out they ripped right down the crotch. I'm really upset, i expected more from this company.

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  • Jg
    Jguan Jun 06, 2011

    My friends and I both bought a pair of Calvin Klein jeans in Paragon branch Singapore while we were on holiday. After we came back from holiday, we both realized that the cutting of one side of the jean is crooked although it is different design. Is it rejected good selling in Calvin Klein? I am very disappointed.

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  • Me
    Melissa Rosato Oct 26, 2011

    I bought Calvin Klein socks at Tj Maxx. ISBN 058665-243461. They fit very well at first (I am a size 9 women's so I have trouble finding socks that are large enough for my feet), but after just one trip through the dryer at a low setting they shrunk to half their size!

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  • Ja
    jaminn55 Dec 20, 2011

    I purchased a beautiful black push up bra with lace, 32DD (F3005) and there is no under wire in one of the cups (which of course I didn't notice until I got the product home). I attempted to replace it/return it at the store I had purchased it from, but they will not take it back. Can Calvin Klein help?

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manufacture defect, bad customer service

1. As a customer I get cheatted from swatch group [protected]. I would like to share my bad experience...

broken glass of watch

I bought a watch 6 months before and its the second time that i will have its glass fixed. There seems to be a lot of similar complains for this model so i advice everyone not to make the mistake and buy this watch!! I am very disappointed with the company as i paid a lot of money to purchase this watch! The sure thing is that i will never make the same mistake again!

  • Ma
    marymay.h Sep 10, 2013

    I bought my ck watch on July...and it got a broken glass twice...without any reason!!!

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watch lost due to faulty clasp

On 18/12/2009 my sister purchased a Calvin Klein ladies watch (K20231) for me as a gift for £198 from Selfridges. I wore it daily but always took good care of it. However, it had a dodgy clasp from day one, which would pop open randomly, or if I flexed my wrist. It had no safety catch and so would sometimes fall off my wrist entirely. This occurred once in the street, and the watch fell onto the pavement, cracking the quartz face. I took it to Time watch shop in London on 17/06/2010 who sent it CK. They replaced the glass at a cost of £35 but did not replace the clasp - only "tightened" it. It was still subject to the same problem and continued to pop open and occasionally fall off if I didn't catch it. Eventually it actually popped open and fell off without me noticing while I was out shopping and the watch was lost. Is there anyway I can get it replaced?
I have the bank statement from date of purchase, original international guarantee (now expired) and the repair documents.

watch lost due to faulty clasp

Calvin Klein

final sale items

I bought a 80% off blouse as a Christmas present. I took it home and tried it on to make sure my mom could fit it, and even though it looked good, the back looked too big on me. So I went back to return it. The Sales Associate pointed out in the receipt that I cannot return it because it is FINAL SALE. It made me UPSET because NO ONE in the store told me that the clearance clothes were FINAL SALE. If I had known, I would not have bothered to buy anything in that store. NOWHERE in the store or on the counter did it say the clearance items were final sale.

Forever 21 ALWAYS tells you their items are exchange only, no returns. And that their jewelry is Final Sale. Why can't the lazy SA's of CK tell me the same damn thing? Lazy broads. I am never shopping here again!


i purchased over 1000 dollars worth of shoes at a discounted price online. when i recived them they were a size to large so i was going to exchange them for a smaller size. when i called them for the details they said that they do not perform exchanges and that they were not able to get me the size at the price that i paid for them. instead i would have to pay the full retail price that would bring the total cost of my shoes to about 2000 dollars..I WOULD SUGGEST NEVER BUYING ANYTHING FROM THEM ONLINE BECAUSE IF ITS THE WRONG SIZE YOU SOL.

price tag cheated

I was in the Dubai Mall yesterday, and bought (tried to buy) a Women's hand bag. The bag had a tag on it with 609 AED.
When I went to the cashier, they told me the sticker is wrong and this is a new bag, and the "new" price is 1090 AED.
I showed them the sticker and also the same bag with different colors having 609 AED price tag. The cashier agreed and I was charged 609 AED for the bag.

I spend couple of hours in the Dubai Mall, and the cashier found me inside the mall after 2 hours. He said he is very sorry, but their store manager did not accept it, and said the cashier has to pay for the difference. The cashier was a very nice guy, and he kindly wanted me to give the bag back, otherwise he said his store manager is forcing him to pay the difference.

I would neither want some else to pay 500 AED out of his packet or neither pay my self another extra 500AED, for the same bag..
I was very sorry about the cashier, so I went to the store and get cash back for the bag. I said I want to talk to the manager, because it is shame on the company.

I am a long time Calvin customer, and Calvin Klein in any situation can honor the price tag!!

This store manager is unbelievable, and is a shame on the company. Not only he doesn't honor the price tag, he/she also sends someone behind me after a couple of hours !

How come a Calvin Collection store manager can recall a customer, and say "ohh we are sorry this is not the price for this bag, you have to pay more".. ???
He/she did not even care to talk to me, and forced the cashier to pay for the difference. As I said, a big shame on the company !
I had to give back my honeymoon gift to my wife.
I could not find Calvin UAE contact emails, so please forward this email to the required departments.
The store is Calvin Collection, Dubai Mall, UAE. THe cashiers were Sayid and Ali. I don't know the name of the store manager causing this situation.

Please contact me for any more details, as I am really disappointed with the way a Calvin store is behaving to me.

Yusuf Alperen Atesal,

  • Brenda* Sep 24, 2012

    The manager did not "recall" you - the cashier did, because he didn't want to have to pay the difference out of his pocket. Contact the store's DM and corporate office.

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torn purse

I bought a purse from a retail store at the end of march and paid 170.00 for the purse.in less than 2 months the lining has torn and I returned it for a new purse or my money back. They refused to do either. This is the first time I have ever bought an expensive purse and I am so disappointed by the quality. I want my money back!

  • El
    Elizabeth Walker Feb 09, 2009

    I received a 6.7 fl. oz. tube of ckin2u skin moisturizer for Christmas and find that it smells like no other ckin2u skin moisturizer that I have used in the past. All others have had the most beautiful scent! This particular tube has a very strong turpentine (the only thing that comes to mind when I put it on) smell! It bothers my throat a lot and I don't know what to do about this. I don't think that I can return it because I don't have the bill.

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  • Br
    brett123 Feb 06, 2012

    I ordered shoes from calvin klein online for use on vacation. Weeks later they weren't delivered. So I tried to cancel the order. First, they claimed they couldn't cancel orders. When I explained that the order was to be sent to a vacation site which I'd be leaving in a week, so no one would be able to return the shoes, suddenly the COULD cancel the order. But the following week I got more emails saying the order was being processed. This recurred 4 times with four calls and four promises that the order was cancelled, they had the prior emails from their customer service, etc. But then, yesterday they charged my credit card and sent me a tracking number, that the order was being sent to the vacation site i'd told them I'd left a month ago. Another call got another "yes" its cancelled but still they took the money from my credit card. Now, is this business fraud or just outrageous management? the consumer should shop elsewhere

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  • Ta
    TAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jun 07, 2012

    Dear Manger
    i bought Pj from Calvin Klein underwear at The Dubai mall on Monday 4Th of June The pants was large in The second day i went to exchange to medium, i got The receipt but The sell lady wasn't helpful at all and refused regarding The TAG !!!
    wasn't There!!! WHAT KIND OF EMPLOYEE IS SHE !!!
    I am really annoyed and The customer is always right REMMBER THAT!!!
    Aisha Jamaa

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  • Ga
    Gail Huisman Oct 03, 2012

    I also received a beautiful leather purse from my daughter, and used it a few times and the lining frayed away from the leather inside. The lining was never seamed together before being attached to the purse. I brought it to a shoemaker that also repairs pocketbooks and he said the entire purse would have to be taken apart and it wouldn't be worth it. He suggested I bring it back to the store it was purchased at, and they did nothing. It cost a lot and can't ever be used this way. Very disappointed.

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  • Me
    Meme Brenda Sep 12, 2014

    I have a problem with Calvin Klein purse as well ... I purchased mine in March 2014 and the stitching has came apart on the handle where it joined on the metal loop. So very disappointed. It was the best purse I have ever owned ... The pouches where just where I wanted them, the size perfect... I would really like to find one just like it ... But better made. It wasn't cheap!

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I bought the most beautiful calvin klein handbag when I was on holiday in dubai this january, a few days after wearing it. I noticed the bag was peeling. I immediately went to the calvin klein store here in greece they told me because I did not buy the bag from them, they couldn't assist. I should contact calvin klein directly, which I did.
It too someone 3weeks to get back to me, they asked me for some information, name do the store I bought the bag from in dubai etc and told me they would forward my mail on to the department that could assist me, it's been another two weeks and I am still waiting. I am very disappointed in the customer service and the lack of care from calvin klein. These bags don't come cheep I forked out over 200euro for this bag, a little bit of acknowledgement would be the least they could do.

design fault - bracelet clasp doesn't work

I've now bought 2 x Calvin Klein gold mirror watches as they are beautiful and very unusual. Unfortunately I can no longer wear them because the bracelet clasp weakens over time and now will not stay fastened. The same happened to the first watch after 5 years of intermittent wear and fell off and smashed - thats why I bought a new one. After only 2 years (of intermittent use i.e. 2 days a week) the same has happened and I don't really want to buy another one. Have tried to contact CK but they haven't responded so disappointed and left without a beautiful watch to wear!

after few days of normal wear I have noticed that the swimsuit loosened

I have purchased a two piece Calvin Klein swimsuit before going on my holidays. After few days of normal wear (swimming in the pool) I have noticed that the swimsuit loosened. After few more days I could no longer wear it as it was too loose. I came back to the Calvin Klein store to ask for a refund having the swimsuit with me with my purchase receipt but was told that due to the fact that I wore it I cannot get a refund. I asked for a warranty on the product, but the store assistant insisted that I wore it and therefore I can not get a refund.

I have had different swimware with me on this holiday and they all are fine except for the Calvin Klein. I thought I was getting a quality swimsuit but was very disappinted. The purchase was made in Ireland, Kildare Village Outlet. I hope that the matter will be dealt with and expect a possitive answer as I still trust your Brand and believe that your customer care will support my belief.


Hello all. Although my english is not very good do not let pass the opportunity to complain vigorously buying a watch calvin klein I made about 4 years. With a beautiful design like the clock as soon as I saw him and then spent € 250 to have what for me was a great financial effort but I was convinced it would have a clock for 20 years or more without giving me problems. After about 1year and a half about and using only on special occasions like holidays and weekends, the most important week I noticed that was beginning to slow even though I have noticed a very dubious quality of materials (Glass and steel bracelet with scratched very easily). And about two years after what was my astonishment when I watch that cost (Up to a fortune) stopped suddenly and with no battery change he gave signs of life. The conclusion of the consultation was that the watchmaker was dead forever, and would require about 100 € for the rise. I was very disappointed to not only watch but mainly with the calvin klein brand that kept the bottom of the drawer or to see for a while. After one year and a half after being in the bottom drawer, and joining the € 100 needed to be repaired I decided to repair it for use in day-to-day. After leaving the repair can not even wash their hands with the clock despite being (Water resistant to 30 meters) passes the time with water vapor sticking to the glass and has begun to oxidize the inner mechanism and only spent three months after the reparation. Referring again very competent watchmaker who consider this tells me that there's nothing to do and that this problem common in watches and calvin klein. For now I wonder sr. Calvin klein: come to enjoy the taste of customers and money just by selling crap design and brand. I go to publish this complaint at all sites on the internet you can. If you want to know more contact: bernardo. [protected]@gmail.com

product material defected and damaged skin

Bought a Calvin Klein bra from Daffy's, wore it and it caused blisters that left marks that cannot be removed with creams, but only by chemical peels. I have contacted Calvin Klein and served a deposition that was ordered by Queens County court which was hand delivered by a Marshall in Connecticut to Warnaco/Calvin Klein. They (Calvin Klein) has been jerking me back and forth asking for letters from my doctor which I submitted, but it seems they are trying to deny me my rights as a consumer, and expire the limit of statute.


Dear customer service :

Reference : Oletha Heath
                875 Boynton Ave # 13D
                Bronx, NY, 10473

I'm writing this letter to inform your that I love your dresses . I found the perfect dress for my birthday this year in Macy's department store in Cross County, NY.
(CDNEW9308) (CD0E1Z64) (CAP) these are the codes that are in the dress I brought . My only problem after I purchase the dress I have to replace the zipper. Today I went back to Macy's in Cross County and purchase another dress for my daughter's graduation and once again during the purchase I notice the zipper was already damage . I love the dress so much that I continue to proceed with the sale knowing I have to take the dress to a Taylor to be repaired. Codes on the ( CDUG2029) ( CD0E1KE2). Please consider for your future dresses to get a quality zipper . The style of your dresses are very unique and I will continue to purchase in the future but you have to upgrade the zippers.

                                                                                                  Thank you,
                                                                                                  Oletha Heath

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