SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / worst customer service

I am very disappointed in the Post Falls Cabelas. I recently went to visit my favorite department (waterfowl) and was told that the most knowledgeable person (Jon) has been moved to another department. I walked through the store until I found Jon so that I could ask him the questions that I wanted answered. He told me that Travis(who I found very arrogant) had recently been hired as the lead for the waterfowl department. Where did they find this guy? Why did they move Jon? You would think that you would want qualified Outfitters in the proper departments. Is this a common practice at Cabelas? Jon has been the Outfitter that I have looked for since last years opening. He is very helpful and extremely knowledgeable.

Everyone one of my hunting buddies have also enjoyed the Customer Service that they receive from Jon. Cabelas is about hunting and the outdoors and when we visit your store and we spend our hard earned money, we want to be served by the Outfitter of our choice. I overheard a guy the other day (while I was dining with my family) talking about a visit he made to Cabelas. He was trying on a pair of boots and heard ducks. He said that he was so impressed that he followed the sound until he arrived at the Waterfowl counter, where he met Jon. I knew that he had to be talking about the same Outfitter that my friends and I know. This guy told the people that he was dining with "that it was the best duck calling he had heard in a long time." From the way that guy told that story, I believe that he has told that story quite a few times. That guy was so impressed that he is providing your store with free advertisement. Why would you transfer an Outfitter who makes such an impression on your Customers? I hope that the next time I visit the Post Falls Cabelas, Jon has been returned to his rightful position.


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