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Cabela's / sales floor employees

1 Marysville, WA, United States

I went into the fitting room to try on some pants and outisde of the room there is only one sign stating no more than 5 items. Nothing posted about being counted in or seeing an employee first. As I was trying them on an employee knocked on the door asked if I had been counted in first I tokd her no I hadnt and she then told me I needed to come out immediately. I told her I would be out as soon as I put my clothes back on in which she replied I needed to hurry up. So I was doing so and she knocked again telling me to get out now and even had my husband tell me I needed to hurry up. When I opened the door and handed her the clothing I told her I was already finished and didnt want any kf the items she then asked me what about the sweatshirt I had on, which was my own personal swewtshirt I had worn into the store. I told her it was mine she just said uh huh and rolled her eyes. I then wenr over to the knives section and a man was helping a customer whom was bent down looking at something. The employee put his hand up blocking my cart even though I had stopped and wasnt going to run into them and when I stated I saw them I wasnt going to hit them he rolled his eyes at me as well. I turned around and tried going around in the next isle in which the empliyee walked out blocking that pathway as well. At this point I had had enough with the staff's very rude and unprofessional attitudes and walked out of the store. This was only my second time visiting this store and I will not be returning!

Nov 24, 2018

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