Cabela's Club Credit Card / enabling fraud/ unfair to merchants

United States
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Company enabling fraud and injuring merchants by not properly reacting to abuse of credit cards.
In situation where the company has authorized charges and verified the address through AVS and CVV2 Cabelas World Foremost Bank initiates a chargeback.
When the credit card processor supplies full information showing credit card AVS and CVV2 are accurate and the product is delivered with signature to the address verified by the credit card as the customers address showing the merchant has met the standard for a valid transaction. Cabela and World Foremost Bank refuses to return funds and reverse the credit card processors findings.

Banks and Companies need to be accountable as do merchants in financial transaction. Cabela's Club and bank Worlds Foremost show low moral standards. This seems to be a trend with this company on several fronts as they have had repeated lawsuits regarding their practices both in protecting consumers and merchants.

Jun 8, 2015

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