Cabela's / can't give refunds

United States

For the last two weeks Cabela's maintains that because of their new computer software they cannot give refunds. I have been waiting for a credit of only $10 back to my credit card and after 7 phone calls to their customer service department and getting the same "our new computer system cannot give refunds at this time" I think everyone should be aware of this BEFORE ordering their Christmas gifts from them.

I ordered and was charged my Credit Card on Oct 27th 2010 and as of today Nov. 15th 2010 have not received a credit.

I asked them to send me a handwritten check since their Credit Card Refund system was down and they said we can't do it that way.

A complaint has also been submitted to BBB

Everyone should also be aware of their two tier Customer Service. The first 1-800 number you call is really not a Customer Service Department but rather order takers. They will eventually transfer your call to the REAL Customer Service Department. I should also mention they then have to call their "Credit Department" who does NOT talk to you.


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