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CA DMV / money stolen

1 Hemet, CA, United States Review updated:

I Had purchased a vehicle out of state in Utah. Upon arriving at the california DMV to get it registered for California use the lady helping me stated she could do nothing until it was smogged and complied with state regulations. I said great its an 01 diesel therefore does not require a smog certificate. About an hour later they said yes you are right. Then came all the fees. Was not able to get that resolved until about five more trips back to DMV. After it all was sorted out come to find out the dealer i purchased it from out of state overpaid for sales tax as well as registration. I ended up with an eight hundred dollar credit. That was supposed to be issued by mail. I wait and wait, no check. Call as well as make a couple more trips to DMV. Now its going to be issued. Nope no check. To make a long story short I head off to the DMV today to renew the registration figuring i have this credit and they can just apply that. Nope cant do that and no answer to why just i gotta pay them more money and fill out twenty forms to get my money back for the prior mix-up. They are real quick to take our money but never want to give any back. Can i apply outrageous penaltys like they do? No cant do that. The good old state of california stealing money from hard working people by playing stupid and wrapping us up in endless paperwork!

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  • Md
      2nd of Aug, 2010
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    I moved out of California in Jun of 2006 and registered my vehicle in Indiana, about November of 2007 i recieved a letter from CA Franchise tax board saying I owe the delinquent fees. About $250. I sent them a copy of my IN registration and never heard back from them. In July of 2009 I moved back to CA for a job and they said i owe them $ for delinquent vehicle registration from Jun 2006 to July 2009. I verified that the vehicle was registered in IN. Now they have contacted my employer and are garnishing my wages for $1000. THEY ARE STEALING FROM ME. I have verified that my vehicle was registered out of state and now they are giving me the run around on how i need to take care of this. I am heading back to the DMV tomorrow to try and settle this AGAIN. CA DMV is a bunch of gangsters thinking they can do whatever they want and steal money from a hard working single father!

  • Tr
      2nd of Nov, 2010
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    That is nothing, there is a official complaint that a san diego area dmv agent arrested a husband and wife for listing cars that supposedly she did not see for sale, and charged them, however the facts are that the cars existed and were parked nearby at a storage yard, and one of the cars was sold, according to my info with my law enforcement info the abuse did not stop with that false statement, according to my sources, it was done to silence them for exposing a corrupt link with real estate transactions that borderline tax shelter frauds...

  • Md
      25th of May, 2011
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    Hey...why dont you buy a vehicle in your own state?!! Pay your sales tax and dmv fees to your state!! DUHHHHHHH

  • Sm
      17th of Feb, 2012
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    I think that is what we get for living way too long in the State Of Californication. CA State raised their taxes and are zealously going after anyone that is on the grid. You got a pay check coming from a company, a bank account, a property, CA State and their offices like the SDMV (Stealing Department Of Motor Vehicle) will apply their resources to TAKE your money at all cost. And, this State does not care if you do not have any food, gas for transportation, electricity, or water for your kids, pets, or for yourself. All this State cares about is about taking your hard earned money under their self-serving law and regulations. That it is how it is in California-an elusive Eden, design to force you to pay until you die, or you figure out what a human being represents in California-A human ATM machine. So, as long as you live in California and you are on the grid, your earnings are being micromanaged and extracted out of your own enterprise, effort, wit, and sacrifice. As you slowly realize that living in California will force you into poverty much sooner that you can get to your retirement, if you can be so lucky to have a retirement. One day, money will not matter, what will matter is true freedom under less dependence and unrealistic taxation system. I though freedom was an inalienable right? That if you worked, respect and abide the law, and compromise certain rights, so that everyone could have more, those sacrifices could and would be the apex of civilization. But it is only an ideal. America is money, the only thing that matters is money, nothing has become more important that having money. I wonder what is going to become of this Country and its' people.

  • Or
      7th of Apr, 2013
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    DMV State of California - How to complain re: handicapped fraud
    Department of Motor Vehicles
    2415 First Avenue
    United States
    Phone: 800-777-0133

    Hello, is anyone home? So many people abuse their handicapped placards here in California but how do you make complaints about it? There is some janky dude who totally put one over on Workman's Comp. Now he has a big, brand new SUV paid for by us taxpayers. When he drives up to see his family in the barrio every weekend, his dopey wife slaps his handicapped placard on her car, (a Toyota Prius, BTW) and SAVES THE ONLY HANDICAPPED PARKING SPOT in the ENTIRE parking complex for her husband so no one else parks there when he takes off. The only problem here: SHE IS NOT HANDICAPPED. That is FRAUD & improper use of a placard by another person. If you dare to park in the spot when it is empty with your own placard, she will come out and tell you IT BELONGS to her HUSBAND!

    The idiots in the management office could care less about it. Tried to get on the DMV website but could not find a place to report fraud re: handicapped placards. This dopey couple does not realize the trouble they could get into if I could figure out how to report them to the proper authorities! Can anyone out there help me please?

  • Sl
      21st of Jul, 2016
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    DMV - Argumentative, rude, withholding information
    United States

    I called this morning to request what steps, if any could be done to have my license suspension lifted. Carla was immediately loud and simply rude in explaining why my license is suspended (as if I had no clue).

    I tried to explain, in a nice way-I was found not-guilty during the judicial process and wanted to know what can I do for a new review. She told me nothing. I had read on he DMV website you can ask for another review if found not guilty through the court. She was adament in stating no.

    I asked nicely if I could speak with someone else. Her response, "They will tell you the same. You just want them to tell you something different." She was loud, rude and defensive. My thought was: I want someone to help me and explain as though she has more than a third grade education and is not angry.

    Finally, after asking three times to speak with anyone. She had Ms. Jackson to come on the phone. Who in turn said we will mail a letter that you will need to take to the district attorney and then will go to a Sacramento office. No apology for the incorrect information or withholding information.

    Its not anyone's job to judge...your job in case you forgot is to give information to the best of your ability while being professional. If this is a quality not possessed by you...maybe another line of work should be considered. The DMV is a service.

  • Rm
      21st of Jul, 2016
    0 Votes
    Virginia Beach
    United States

    DMV motorcycle license services are not accepting completed motorcycle courses from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation facilitated on the Norfolk Naval Base. They are only accepting certificates from sites that give the DMV money. This was confirmed by a service representative at the DMV. He stated "it's just political". This should not be the case. The courses are taught by the same personnel. Military personnel already get enough hassle as it is. Please make a change to this DMV policy.

  • Ji
      26th of Jul, 2016
    0 Votes - This site is a data troller
    United States

    In my estimation, this site - which goes to great length to seem as if it is the official DMV site is simply trolling for sensitive information that could be used in identity theft. BEWARE!

  • La
      26th of Jul, 2016
    0 Votes - This site is a data troller
    United States

    Folks, wake-up and smell the coffee or ammonia salts!

    This site is a data troller. They are taking your personal information and doin' God knows what! Do ur homework and look-up ones respective states' DMV or RMV.

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