Burger Kingunethical behaviour

Store Number #7269

Went through drive through and cashier refused to give me back my debit card transaction amount was for 10.74. After I called to speak with the Manager to get my debit card back the Asst. Manager Alandria kept telling me that my card was not there I asked her to check the lady in the drive-thru window maybe she put it in her pocket she kept saying "hold on" and then started speaking in Spanish and giggling. I requested that she speak English so that I could understand what she was saying she replied "No" she gave me several different names of the store manager Claudia, Kasey, Keisha after I threatened to contact the local Waukegan police dept. she finally said your card is "here and i'll put it in the safe" she refused to give me a number to contact cooperate she kept saying "we are Tom's anyway" so you can call cooperate all you want. I then disconnected the call.

Nov 26, 2018

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