Burger King Shaw / Valentinepoor customer service

I went into drive thru between 1- 2 pm on August 25, 2010which is my lunch hour i order a whopper meal and one more extra whopper and ask for hot french fries and she said they were hot When I took off and just around the corner from the building tried my fries they were cold I had too come back to the office could not go back inside and your drive thru girl was not happy i feel they should be happy to have a job she talk to me like she was having a bad day I have now notice the the front girl at burger king on Shaw and Valentine do not smile .Let me take that back you have a young lady that probably just started a couple of months ago she has a very cute smile maybe in her early 3o's she is alway smiling hope that all the other girls were the same. I have worked at burger king before down north and nothing like this girls. Like it says on your advertising Have it your way but it seems like the front ladies need to practise customer service.

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