Burger King / service

I went into the Burger King on St. Charles Ave I New Orleans, La 70113 today, my first attempt to order was right at 10 am, and I was told that they wouldn't be serving lunch for another 20-25 minutes and I would have to come back. I actually came back around 11 am and ordered a Texas Double Whopper Meal with 2 extra slices of cheese ($9.12). When I paid I did not receive a receipt and of course my order was incorrect. The cook put the cheese on the bottom bun, and when I went back in to ask for it to be remade she refused, and said they already had cheese on it and rewrapped my burger. Upon getting back to my office I then realized that i only received maybe 10 French fries and they appeared to be uncooked. This is the 2nd time I have had to complain about this particular store, and its service or lack thereof. The manager on duty didn't even come out to address me or my issue. I am not pleased at all with my meal, and for the price I would have rather them gotten it correct.

Apr 03, 2017

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