Burger King / low customer satisfaction

Sanford, NC, United States

I was reading about how Burger King is losing customers. They think it's all about losing their "Super Fans" to the economy. Their problem is in 4 areas. #1. Marketing has gone mad! They run commercials that seem to compete with Hardees in the "idiotic" sense. What happened to "normal" people who like to eat fast food? Their ads do not represent me or even people that I know. #2. What ever happened to "have it your way"? Try ordering a Whopper with extra pickles or no onion and you'll get a look that could kill. If not from the cashier, from the cooks that can be seen from the counter. Then again from the person who calls out your order. "Whopper extra pickles and no onions"???? It is as if they want the other people who have been waiting in line to know that it as "you" who slowed down the burger making process. 3. Kids. What happened to the days of the Kids Club? Where is the focus on children? Who do they think encourages Mom and Dad to go out and eat? 4. To me the most important influence as to why I eat at Burger King only 2-3 times a year (vs. when I used to eat there 2-3 times a week) is that they changed their french fry recipe. They did this several years ago and I tried to hang on as a loyal Super Fan. Now I have get my french fry fix at McDonalds. I later asked a Manager why they changed the fry recipe. He indicated the fries got an extra 3 minute hold-time and required less salting by the employees. So, they sacrificed me as a customer over cold fries that don't go limp? ... and a seasoning issue? I'm glad McDonalds didn't go drastic on us.

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