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Burger King / over charging - beware

1 East Main and Briarcliff RdReynoldsburg, OH, United States

Unacceptable advertising / bait and switch tactics / overcharging customers / rude service personnel

Signs posted all around every burger king in columbus, ohio advertise a choice of apple fries or mac and cheese as substitute side item for bk kids meals.

I have carefully examined several of the signs posted, and all say bk kids meals now with your choice of sides.. Apple fries or mac and cheese...

Nowhere on any of the signs posted is there any disclaimer that there is additional charges, or that the mac and cheese is a "separate" side item, and not part of the kids meal.

August 4, 2008 : 9:30pm

When ordering chicken kids meals with the mac and cheese as the side, I was charged an extra $1.49 each for the mac and cheese sides. I asked the store manager (East main st and briarcliff rd, reynoldsburg, oh) about the additional charge, and pointed out the fact that their signs specifically list the mac and cheese as an "optional" side item, and not an "additional entree" as he referred to it. I also pointed out the fact that on his sign there was no disclaimer about the extra charge.

At this point the manager became very rude and hasty with me trying to get me to leave the drive up window. I refused to leave until he went to the drive thru and read the sign for himself.

When he returned, he said, "i'm sorry, the sign is misleading, but there is an extra charge for the mac and cheese, and it's not included in the meal. "

I argued my point to have $3 (The cost of two meals w / the mac and cheese side) deducted from my ticket, he refused and responded with "if I remove the $3, you're not getting the mac and cheese", and then didn't even wait for a response and walked away from the drive up window refusing to give me a receipt that I specifically asked for.

I believe this to be an extremely misleading advertisement, if not a full fledged bait and switch to increase revenues. My total overcharge was only three dollars, but multiply that by the millions of orders per day taken by burger king as a whole, and that is a sizeable amount.

There is no way to contact burger king corporate offices to file a formal complaint that I have found. I would be more than willing to do so if anyone could point me in the proper direction.

Ed conley jr
Reynoldsburg, ohio

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