Burger King / poor quality all around

Burlington, NC, United States

So, I just visited one of the few Burger Kings left in operation in my area. I went out from visiting my elder mother to pick up lunch for us. I went to the nearest location which is Maple Avenue Burlington, NC 27215 (sorry I don't have the store # as I left the receipt on the bag). I had to go inside as the drive thru was temporarily out of service. I ordered for my mother and myself and received rank, old food that was room temperature at best. After an attempt to eat a portion of the food, I prepared to leave my mother stating that I was going back by there to request a refund. The manager came to the register and told me he needed ALL of the food back and stated that I had been gone a half hour also that they don't guarantee the food will be hot once we leave the restaurant or arrive home. I said, you know what? That's okay, just throw it away and I'll call Corporate. He didn't seem moved, concerned nor accountable to his poor conditions at this location. I even asked him, what were they doing with the money's they made? This was the last 'red' penny that this Burger King will ever see from me/us and you must know the value of Social Media? Others will know as well. It was above $7.00 for a $0.00 worth of crap!
Marsha C. Fearrington
Graham, NC 27253

Sep 16, 2017

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