Burger King / drive thru personnel

Adrian, MI, United States

I drove up to drive thru speaker and sat there 4 minutes before saying hello. Then the lady said hold on mam. So I wait another 5 minutes and she was talking on her head set but I could hear here and I thought she said go ahead so I proceeded to tell her my order when she said "I said hold on a minute", as she proceeded to talk on her headset where I heard her calling someone's name which I was guessing was another employee. I was very upset at that point like I was disrespected so I said " are you serious right now" and she came on the speaker again and said " mam I asked you to wait a minute." They weren't that busy it was like 9:20pm only 1 vehicle ahead of me and 1 behind me and I heard other employees laughing in the background so I drove off without ordering what I wanted and that is one burger king I wouldn't go back to.. 10/25/18.

Oct 25, 2018

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