Burger King / didn't receive my purchase

Clarksburg, MD, United States

I went through the drive through at the Burger King located in German Town MD & ordered a hot dog, 5 piece mozzarella, 1 medium vanilla shake and a large diet doctor pepper. They told me the mozzarella wasn't ready and asked me to park around the side and they would bring the rest of my meal. Originally they only gave me the shake. Then later they came with the bag containing the hot dog and mozzarella. Getting distracted by the having to pull around front I didn't notice that they didn't give me my large diet doctor pepper. This is upsetting not just because the receipt reflects that I paid for a product that I never received but because I really wanted that drink and it's to far tonight to go all the way back. But what you should know is that this is the second time this has happened at this location. I also use the Burger King on shady grove md and they never make me wait or pull around and wait and they never forget to give me the products that I paid for. Perhaps you should have some folks retrained our provide some coaching to the manager. after all they could be hurting your brand reputation if I'm not a one off situation. Thanks kindly if you took the time to read my message of dissatisfaction.

May 12, 2017

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