Burger King / customer service

Wilmington, CA, United States

Date: 10/26/17
Time: 8:07PM
For BK5190 in Wilmington, DE
Employee who serviced me: Maricela
I pulled up to the drive-thru window to place an order and this lady who took my order felt annoyed, and was completely rude in acknowledging my order. Now I come to this Burger King most commonly, and almost all the time I'm greeted nicely and everyone seemed friendly. But this time I felt completely disrespected as a valued customer. I politely stated how I felt about my service and Maricela knew what she did and still acknowledgment of sympathy or regret. I asked politely for her name and she stated she couldn't give that information which I knew that was a compelety lie because than why wear a name tag? So I was able to read the name tag and get a jist of it. I don't appreciate how the situation was handled on this employees part, also claiming she was the manager. Well very very very poor on the managers part to handle this situation too. I was left disrespected and no sympathetic compensation.

Oct 26, 2017

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