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We went to the Burger King at 2330 E Hwy 501 Conway SC 29526 ph# [protected] this afternoon around 7:30pm. First of all, immediately when we walked in we knew the AC was not working because it was terribly hot inside. We decided to stay and go ahead and order our food (mind you, we were the only customers in the store) The manager took our order. My husband asked him was the AC broken, well, he and everyone else there failed to aknowledge we were talking and my husband asked him this 4 times before he answered yes it was broken. We paid for our food and was waiting for it to be served so I proceeded to get our drinks, well, there were NO regular drinks in any of the machines so we asked (numerous times before we were acknowledged) were there any drinks? The manager said "no we are all out of regular drinks we only have the flavored drinks. Then he proceeds to turn his back to us and continue his conversation he is having with staff about the schedule they are working. They are discussing their schedule and ignoring us while we are standing there trying to get some drinks.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Conway, SCAt this time, my husbands sandwich is slid across the tray from in the kitchen when the manager tells the lady that prepared it that this is not a double whopper because it is not big enough, he slides it back to her and tells her to check it to see if all the ingredients is on it, she picks it up and proceeds to open the wrapper (with NO gloves on and long painted fingernails) and lifts the bun up with her fingers and looks inside. Well, when I saw this, that was it. I demanded our money back immediately. The manager turns around to face us and without hesitation or a word at all, tells the lady to throw the sandwich in the trash that we want our money back. She hollered out that she weren't throwing that sandwich in the trash. The manager turns around and comes to the register where we are standing and proceeds to give us our money back. Not ONCE id he apologize or even ask us what was wrong or ANYTHING.
That manager has no care for this Burger King what so ever if you ask me and there was not the first person I could see in that kitchen preparing food wearing gloves. That was just pure nasty in my opinion. We will NEVER grace the doors of that Burger King again and I would be pure ashamed in knowing my store was being ran like that.

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    If you would like to contact me concerning this you can call me on my cell at [protected], I will be glad to discuss this matter futher.

May 03, 2017

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