Burberry / staff attitude and strange policy for not being actual passport to claim duty free

United States

Dated: 19/6/2017
Time: 1835pm
Location: La Vallee village - Paris

Dear sir and madam,

I shopped and purchased goods in Tod's / Givenchy / D&G and Long-champ shop... I didn't bring my actual passport but I have the copied in my handphone... all the above shops allowed me to submit duty free claims without any hassle.

I went into your Burberry shop.. saw an sling bag and without 2nd thoughts I went to cash counter to make payment. The assistant was rude and aburds about me not having the actual passport book, and will not allowed me to use copied photo passport... I ask why!? She claimed it's illegal and it might be a cheat! I even showed her My Singapore identification card... she insisted it was not allowed as per above saying. I said well., fine.. In the end., I was amazed but to walk out your shop. Whilst i met another assistant near the entrance and politely ask for suggestion form... she immediately brushed me off and walk away!
This is totally unacceptable with such proclaimed one of top brands of United Kingdom. I shop in UK or HK and Singapore :.. I have not met any kind of this ridiculous staff attitude.
If your shop declines any shoppers without actual physical passport:; why not put up a sign on your entrance! are your staff been trained properly as well? Why she said is illegal and maybe a cheat? I totally disgusted by the unfound claims.
Lastly., I really would like to know the truth... why your staff said is illegal to use physical passport copy to claim duty free? 2ndly... why she said it might be a cheat????? That's not right to use the word " Cheat"!
Anyway international., your brand is not the only one! Thanks for the above and i never will step into your shop again!

Many thanks too.
Eric OH
[protected]@ [protected]


Jun 19, 2017

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