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I purchased my first firearm from buds only to run into multiple problems. First problem ended up being about my age. It turns out I was allowed to purchase a rifle/shotgun but not a handgun. I had this sorted out by having my father just pick up the gun and have it in his name untill I become of age. The second problem was within weeks of me purchasing this firearm, my credit card had two $300 charges that I did not authorize. Now for most this would not be too big of a problem but I was only able to recieve the first $300 back therefore putting me out $300 due to buds. I know it was buds since they released an email warning that they might have been hacked. The third problem I had with them was when I decided that I should get a firearm that I could legally take to the range. I then contacted them to see if I could trade in my handgun for a shotgun. They told me they would give me %50 of its value toward another gun. After causing me to lose $300 and not even use the handgun, NOT ONCE, they only offered %50 back. I have never felt so worthless to a company in my entire life. I will NEVER buy from them again and nor shall any of my family members.

Stay away unless you want to be treated like nothing.


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      Dec 04, 2011

    1) You should know the federal and your local gun laws before making any purchases. Since the firearm laws are varies from state to state, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to check your local laws requirement.
    2) Online gun dealers do not ship the firearm directly to your house. An FFL dealer has to handle the gun for you. It's the FFL dealer fault for not advice you of the age requirement, not Budsgunshop fault
    3) Except for the case of collector item, once a BRAND NEW car rolled of the dealership parking lot, it already lost its values regardless of teh driven mileage. The same rule apply to firearm.
    Just remember, there are a lot of responsibilities attached to a firearm. Don't let the anti-gun fools find reasons to take away our second amendment. You have many things to learn young grasshopper!
    That's my $0.02
    I'm not affiliated with I'm just another responsible gun owners.

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      Jul 16, 2012
    BudsGunshop - lack of service
    United States

    I purchased one and only one handgun from these rip offs.I ordered a Taurus m#85 polished stainless steel with gold accents and pearl grips.I rec'd am#85 matte finish with rosewood grips.When I called the sales rep said to call back the next day which I did and then I was told by his supervisor read their fine states the firearm you recieve may not be as pictured and that the gun was SOLD!!! I contacted Taurus for suggestions where I found the gun was suspicious to the point Taurus asked I send them the handgun Fed-X overnight.I tried to make contact with Buds but I must be on their no call list with that I am unable to leave reviews and my account has been closed.During this I also found that you can only give pos. reviews because they have some sort of filter system.So where I thought by checking them out b4 I made purchase, it was useless. Taurus has had this gun for 47 days and maybe as of today they have my issue resolved and they are replacing it with a new one, which thank them very much. Is something fishy with Buds well you will have to decide that fr yourself.But I know if they offered me the gun I ordered today extactly as I ordered it I would pass because I personally will not do business with those shady chacters again.Service means alot.Thank you Taurus for service.I just ask you send it soon.

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      Apr 13, 2013
    BudsGunshop - bad customer service and high price
    United States

    Avoid budsgunshop!
    First, their price is higher than many other website.
    Second, their so called price match is a junk. I bought a AR-15 from them then the price dropped by $200 before I even received my gun but they would not adjust the price.
    Third, I left a low review on their website. They didn't publish my comment then closed my account. So the reason you don't say any bad comments on their website is because they screen people's comments.
    Finally, I was called by the customer service guy, who sounded like he would want to fight with me. Horrible!

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