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British Airways / Heathrow Airport / airport is a mess!

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I will NEVER fly British Airways again!!! I arrived in Barcelona on 15 July 2007 and my suitcase was not on the plane with me (a connecting flight) I spent NINE days calling and calling, BA in Spain, BA in London, BA in the USA they all told me that it was 'impossible' to talk to the people who handle luggage in London because they are too busy.

They kept telling me that they were sending a 'telex' to Heathrow to request they put my bag on a flight. I was told that it was on three different flights.

(a telex !?! give me a break, this is the information age)

Long story short, I had to buy new clothes, new toiletries and a new cell phone. (I have a cell phone for Barcelona, but the charger was in my suitcase and I could not find a replacement, I could not even call anyone) The first ten days of my trip were completely ruined. Will I get reimbursed for these expenses? How?

The baggage tracking website is completely worthless, they NEVER update it. I had my bag for 5 days already and the website still said "locating bag" Don't bother.

I just heard a bit on the BBC that British Airways was just recognized as the WORST AIRLINE. They certainly have MY vote.

BEWARE, if you are not going to London, do not get a connecting flight through Heathrow, that airport is a MESS. Fly into France or Germany for your connecting flight, if you value your belongings.

Roderick Donahue
Los Angeles

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  • Jr
      2nd of Apr, 2009
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    Terminal five at London Heathrow is a particular mess.

    Never mind that the bus ride from whatever Terminal you arrived to Terminal 5 takes over 20 minutes, that's just the start of the less than civilized process you endure when flying any airline through London Heathrow.

    The security check point(s) are the real marvel and testiment to poor airport design and transit authority inefficiency. From the gaggle que on the first floor upon arrival at Terminal 5 to the Nazi style screaming of the transit authority personnel manning the Terminal while you painfully wait in the security line, this place will make you feel less like a holiday travel and more like a helpless lemming about to be rendered the final solution.

    The first "secuirty check point" is a passport check followed by pressing verbal reminders about liquids peppered with harassment from the transit authority personnel who don't know their own procedures and appear to have no clue on how to rope off a "S" line or direct people into the correct location for processing. After you clear this "security check point" you get to stand at the bottom of the elevator until the huge security check point que on the second floor is cleared enough to be sent up the escaltors to your next point of harassment.

    Once you have been cleared to go up the escalators to the second security check point you have to frantically locate the start of a line which will take you to an x-ray lane which is near impossible as this security check point was clearly an ad hoc after thought after the Terminal was designed and built. However this is made even more difficult by the fact that transit authorities are screaming so loud about telling you to take your shoes off, put your liquids in plastic bags, take you coats off, take out your lap tops and all electronic items..etc..etc...and get ready to step into the gas uh...xray point. Ummmm...taped looped TV set video tape anyone? Its far less caustic that a transit authority person screaming instructions at you every 10 minutes.

    It took almost 2 hours to get from Terminal 3 to Terminal 5 and through "security". The best part was I forgot the 3 oz bottle of perfume I had in my carry on, which despite all the harassment, screaming, hollering and "security" screening, still made it through to the gate undetected.

    I will never fly through Heathrow again. I dont hate myself enough.

    Los Angeles

  • Li
      20th of Aug, 2009
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    i went to hearthrow airport 2day 2 meeet my boyfriend off the plane but heartow sent him bk 2 us cos the man said he cudnt b bothered 2 stamp his passport for a vist so they picked on him. there was this otha guy in same boat as my bf but was comin 4 12mths as mine was comin 4 6mths same probs but they let him in but wudnt mine my boyfrend ad no reason not 2 b allowed in the uk but cos this guy wudnt stamp his book they didnt let him in he came on a very long flight 2 b sent home again, they treated him a terriost n cuffed him and everything. im so heart broken they sed to him if he was 2 come bk nxt week they wud let him in they jst pick on so many people. im so heart broken. he needs 2 get bk 2 ohio dayton airport but they jst sending him 2 anywhere in the us n he as 2 make his own way bk 2 the state he lives in. they treated him bad 4 no reason im so hurt and up set. il never use heathrow airport again they way they treat u. they sed 2 me ur bf is the otha side of the wall but guess wot they sed 2 me u cnt c him and i was hearing him scream out 2 me he is not a terroist he came 2 b wit me n the kids, the kids r gonna b so heart broken there dadddy cnt come and c them cos of hearthrow airport being the way they was 2 my boyfriend. im so anrgy n hurt by this i feeel like we ave done something rong bout i kno we avnt. i jst wanted 2 say bye 2 him they wudnt let me on by fone the eccorted him on the plane 4 men did like he was a terriost in handcuffs treated him so badly. i jst wanted them let him stay or 2 say bye face to face. but he was fine to be in the uk they jst treated him so rong its so unfair they way they did it. i disagree wit all this wot they did 2 him they was out of bloody order now i ave 2 wait 4 him 2 come in few mths wen he shud b here wit me n his kids

  • Fp
      27th of Nov, 2009
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    Can anybody advise how to register a formal complaint against a particular member of staff at the Security checkpoint, for undue harassment on 25th November from Terminal 4 at approx 6:15 am.

    While we can all appreciate the need for vigilance and thoroughness at airport security, this Security Agent's sole aim appears to have been passenger harassment. While saying she was searching for liquids, she seemed to be more interested in checking every piece of paperwork and other quite obviously non-liquid contents of my handbaggage! Surely some commonsense needs to be exercised by security?

    I was quite stunned to discover later that due to her excess zeal in examining the paperwork for liquids she had complete missed a new bottle of scalp medication which had been forgotten in the washbag!! I think she missed the actual purpose of a security check, choosing to harass rather than 'secure'.

    It must be noted that the same bag was rechecked at CDG airport in Paris, probably for the same reason that the bag was flagged at LHR. However the totally different attitude of security there, who chose to ask a straight question, and received an immediate verification meant that the bag was opened and cleared in under a minute compared to more than 15 minutes at LHR. Apparently a small plastic bag full of loose change was the article of interest, and had come up on the monitor as a black mass.

    Clearly the French exercise more commonsense and courtesy!

  • Va
      14th of Oct, 2011
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    I recently travelled through Heathrow Airport which I agree is a very unfriendly place. I travelled Korean Air to and from Australia which is a fabulous airline. I am a 65 year old female ex Brit having lived in Australia for over 40 years (thank goodness!).
    I have a hip replacement and have a letter from my surgeon and a card to confirm this. However, every time I went through the scanning devices in any airport I set off the the alarm. Incheon Airport in Korea was very understanding and the airport staff were polite although thorough. Before going through the alarm I always made sure I told the airport staff that I had the hip replacement. However at Heathrow they completely ignored this and made me feel like a criminal. A dark skinned female person eyed me with a frosty stare and proceeded to "go over" me with her wand several times. I told her that I had a hip replacement and she said "I cannot see that madam!". I said I could show her the letter from the surgeon but she wasn't interested. I have to say that I found a lot of the "dark skinned" people very rude. I have never been a racist but I think they are. Racism works both ways of course but that, I feel, is never considered by the dark skinned people.
    The rest of the story is that one of my bags was snatched and put to one side, then I was told that I would be taken to a room and searched. I had no idea what this entailed and was getting quite upset being an elderly woman and never having to put up with rude and intrusive treatment in the country that I was born . Another dark skinned person a very tall imposing man this time came and the woman said I was to follow him. He didn't speak to me and because he was so tall and walked so quickly I had to "scurry" along to keep up with him. He had my bag with him and I was still carrying my other bags. We stopped outside of a locked room and I asked him what kind of search was going to be done and he said "a scan". He knocked on the door and another "dark skinned" man opened it, I felt as if I was in a third world country not England. I was then told to stand in front of a scanner and was x-rayed. The two men in this room didn't really communicate with me as a person, they just said things like "stand there, put your arms up". Then when they had checked whatever it is they have to check I was told it was okay to go. I then followed one of the men back to where the bags were first brought through, I went behind him and passed through some sort of place where I wasn't supposed to go and was told to get back outside of the counter. Then the bag that they had decided might be offending was searched by this time a Caucasian man for a change. The only thing that was there that they confiscated was a jar of face cream which was half empty anyway. I must admit that after this I was very upset. I had a long flight ahead of me to Australia and I had a three hour wait in Korea for my connecting flight. I was very stressed.
    As I walked out of the customs area very nice man (also dark skinned) smiled and said hello and was going to check my bag again. I said "I've already been checked" and I think he could tell I was upset. I told him I would never be coming back to England again if it was like this and he said "Its all a bit political". I didn't know quite what he meant but he was pleasant and polite I wished him a nice day.
    I found the whole experience at Heathrow very upsetting and unncessary, especially to an older person like myself. I was so glad to get back to Australia where everyone smiled at me and was p0lite and happy. I enjoyed Incheon Airport in Korea too where everyone was much more polite than Heathrow. Lift your game Heathrow.

  • Lo
      14th of Aug, 2018
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    Heathrow Airport - Cancelled flight - urgent
    United Kingdom

    Our flight has been cancelled because of plane malfunction. There is an entire plane full of albanian people without guidance on what to do next, except queue. Please help urgently. Austrian airline desk.

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