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British Airways / the world's most arrogant airline

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It's amazing to see how many complaints there are about 'the world's favourite airline' BA, which it clearly is not.

It's also amazing to see the arrogance and disrespect this airline continues to display towards it's 'customers'. Evidently, customer satisfaction does not really enter into their business model, otherwise they would simply HAVE to pay heed to the flood of complaints they are getting. As anyone who uses this airline and encounterts even the slightest problem, they do not.

An interesting observation on this: I made the mistake of trying out BA on a simple route Berlin-Heathrow Terminal Five. Instead of using the so-called low cost carriers to Stansted, Luton or Gatwick. In went wrong of course. I had to queue endlessly at the security entrance where there had been a problem with the Orwellian passenger photography system and was then rejected by their new hostile automatic time-ckeck for passing this gate late by 4 minutes!

This led to being sent back to a non-available customer service person and by the time that person had a chance to listen it was really to late. Naturally, BA then had the generosity to charge another £150 to put me on the next flight.

What was unsual was that the representative at the ticket counter was entirelely of my opinion just how horrible and unfriendly their new system at Terminal 5. And he said that most of his colleagues feel this way, but that their senior management - who are never on the front lines and fly with many privileges - ignore all such complaints. He says there are about 100 cases of this nature each day, and asked me to please write to their complaints people.

This I did though I am certain that it will have no effect. Obviously, I will revert flying to flying the other airlines which are not at all perfect but more human than BA. That's about 25 flights Berlin-London each year, plus other people at my company.

It beats me why BA should not care about this at all, especially at a time of recession, but I'm sure they do not.

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  • Sh
      20th of Jan, 2010
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    absolutely agree with you! BA is arrogant and disrespectful. 2 years ago i was in Heathrow airport waiting for transfer flight. They were like monkeys doing camping. chatting and laughing with colleges even though customer have questions. Customer had to wait until chatting time is over. some of customers had serious problems. but they didn't pay attention to them at all. these monkeys even brought their own food and spokes with mouse full. what a disgusting people. I've traveled many countries. I've never seen anything like this before. I will never ever use BA air again. flight attendant was also very lazy. They didn't want to organize luggage in over head compartment. so they took my luggage and droped it checked in area without saying anything. my tickets and every thing was in it. computer, camera, and money. fragile and valuable things which i didn't want to let other people handle. I asked to assistant at the airport i want my luggage back. They told me we can't give your luggage back since it is in the checked in area. I told them it is flight attendant's mistake. I didn't ask anybody to drop my bag in the check in. They kept tell me we can't do anything for you. If you keep saying it we will kick you out from airport. They threatened me. so what can i do? I didn't want to raise my voice. I was upset and sick in my stomach. I had to gave up argue with them. I thought they had to apologies me at least. luckily they didn't steal my money and computer. but my bag was broken. handle and wheel was smashed. my cloth was wet. BA was the most disgusting experience in my life.

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