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British Air / very poor service!

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My daughter Sandra Velli was on BA0293 from Heathrow to Washington Dulles of yesterday, July 27, 2007. Flight was canceled. I have not been able to receive any information by e-mail or phone (at considerable expense) as to her wherabouts (hotel name, phone number,) airport lounge? Embarkment on another flight. It is urgent that I be able to contact her. WHAT IS WRONG WITH BA INFORMATION? IT IS BECOMING A TOTALLY UNRELIABLE AIRLINE.

With growing disappointment and disgust, Paola Ottolenghi Velli.

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      28th of Jun, 2014
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    British Airways - Very poor service!
    Leigh Gardner
    United Kingdom

    Dear Complaints Department,

    My husband and I recently flew with two close friends for our annual holiday to Las Vegas with British Airways. Departing 28/06 from LGW for 7 nights. Unfortunately this was not a pleasurable experience on our departing flight.

    Firstly, I need to reassure you that I do not complain unless it's really necessary. I work with the general public myself in a tourist destination and understand that spirits are flying high (pun not intended!) But what we experienced was totally unacceptable!

    We were sat in row 29, seats J & K. When the member of cabin crew (Ruby, who was not polite or did not smile once) came with the first drink on-board, we were told that all Cava had gone? Unbeknown to us, another traveller had heard a conversation between the cabin crew discussing giving/saving all the Cava to the stag do on-board!

    We were the last row to be served our in-flight meal...And that is not an issue because someone is always going to be last. We were told that we couldn't have our first choice, still no problem as the dish was obviously very popular! We gave our second choice, then after quite a wait we were all served our first choice and was told we could have them as they were "rejects" from the first/business class section. This was NOT what my husband wanted from the beginning but we were told by Jack that he had gone out of his way to get them. Jack then said "well, you are probably sat in the worst row!". I am absolutely gobsmacked that BA would train their cabin crew to say this! The food is good when we eventually got it, but not enough for (roughly) a 10 hour flight. Jack then came with two complimentary cups of cava (after we were told it had all gone) which was a nice gesture, but there was THREE people sat in our row!

    Four hours into the flight and the stag groups had supposedly drank the plane dry. Excluding brandy and wines. Funny, that we still saw beers being served? I think jack is probably still trying to "locate" my husbands can of Heineken!

    Five hours into the flight and my friends TV stopped working. She was sat behind me in seat 30J. Cabin crew member, Shane came to assist her and said he would reboot etc...After a good 45 minutes, My friend was still without entertainment and didn't see Shane or any other cabin crew again, even though she pressed the button for assistance twice. On each of those occasions the light was switched off. I was going to the WC and thought I would let someone know that it still wasn't working. What I saw in the staff quarters was absolutely disgusting and unprofessional! Nobody took any notice of me until I had to ask "Is this a free for all and a youth-club?!" To which nobody cared! Jack was messing around, hugging and giving out snack KitKat bars to a drunken female passenger and Shane was "on a break". I told him that my friend has pressed her button for assistance (twice) to which he replied "oh, it mustn't be working?".

    At this point I asked for the cabin crew manager as this behaviour is totally unacceptable! Alison was the manager on this flight and came to see us with her tablet device. My friend was offered a £30 compensation voucher for the TV situation but unfortunately couldn't use it on the flight but thought maybe she could use it on the returning flight, she still hasn't received an email to confirm this. After discussing with Alison the problems we were experiencing, she actually said to my disbelief "you must just be having one of those days!". No actually, you are British Airways and YOU are in control of what happens during the flight! When I informed her that even Jack thinks we're sitting in the worst row, she just smiled a sympathetic smile?!?!

    Ok, so I have come to the end of my complaints...of which I'm sure your glad about.

    I cannot praise the cabin crew enough on our returning flight. All smiles and very pleasant/helpful. I'm sure it must help that they are more of a suitable age with probably more experience as apposed to those who acted like teenagers. Those kids belong on flights to Ibiza and Magaluf!

    I also understand that we were flying to Vegas, the entertainment capital of the world and everybody is so excited (myself included, I am only 32!)...but please note that this was my 3rd time in 4 years and was booked especially for my husband and I's 4th wedding anniversary after marrying there in 2010!

    We plan to holiday in Vegas a lot as it holds certain emotional memories/ties, along with some of the best times I've ever experienced so far...but I have to say that I will not be booking by price next time! I have encountered much better value, professionalism, service with the other one and only airline we've used in the past. I feel I have to reassure you that this is ONLY due to our departing flight from Gatwick to Las Vegas.

    Every passenger on board pays a lot of money for a flight, but it's a shame we all don't receive the same treatment.

    This is very unlike us to have to complain, but we suggest you take a closer look at the service you are providing as apposed to the service you say you offer!

    Many thanks,
    Ashley & Leigh Squirrell

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