Brinks Home Security / I still owe after canceled service - 22 false alarms

GA, United States

I signed up with my new home purchase and agreed to prepay one year & pay $99 activation fee. Shortly there after I was in Europe on business and recieved a call that my front door alarm was going off, resetting and going off again. Came home a week later to find 5 notes from police and a fine for false alarms. Repair man came out and spent 4 hours going over system. Worked for one week straight, then the same false alarm. Another day off work to wait on repair man. Two more hours and system deemed fixed after puting all new sensors in. Flash forward a few month of no issues till my next business trip in Chicago. Same MO, front door alarm going off and resetting. Come home with fine from Police and form letter stating that the Police has put a DNR (do not respond) on my address. I call my friends at Brinks to complain and tell them to cancel my service immediately...this is June 2007. After that I never set the alarm again. Now I recieved a call from a collections agency saying I owe them $335 on my contract. I am shocked as you might imagine. I call their customer service, get run around, and am told there is no-one in the company that will talk to me about the matter...but I can write a letter. Even after I expalined I do not recall signing a three year contartct and even if I did I should have the right to cancel as the service was awful. DO NOT DEAL WITH THESE PEOPLE!! I am still in denial about how this is going to play out but I am certain I will be out some money...

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