Breyers Ice Creamice cream is bland with bad aftertaste

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My wife and I used to enjoy a pint of Breyers Butter Pecan ice cream every few months. It's been about 6 months since our last pint. It used to have a rich, creamy flavor and was full of nuts. However, in our latest pint we both noticed independently that there was no flavor whatsoever, and there were exactly 6 tiny pecan pieces in it. It was bland and left a bad aftertaste. We noticed several new ingredients in it; it was no longer all natural. Either they started manufacturing overseas (China, tastes like), or they just got cheap, or both. We will NOT be buying any more Breyers, ever.


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      Jul 26, 2012

    breyers used to be the best now they are flat out AWFUL!!! If it isn't all sandy textured then it has all those nasty guar gum ingrediants like the generic brand. Who ever made the decision to change the recipe should be FIRED!!! i AM ON THE HUNT FOR SOME ALL NATURAL GREAT TASTING ICE CREAM!!!

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      Aug 08, 2013

    We were noticing a strange taste in the chocolate ice cream, BRAND NEW CARTON, and found knots of long hair throughout the ice cream. We are praying that no one gets sick. Because something is not right! It could be contaminated. God Bless!

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