Brazzers / blatant stealing

I made a purchase a year ago. I was very clear that I wanted a one time payment, I then took all necessary measures to cancel any recurring payment. I again checked to make sure that I would not continue to be charged for any good or service. A year later I am finding out that automatic payments have been coming out of my bank account every single month since then.
I have now canceled my card and cut off their opportunity to continue stealing from me. This is a dishonest organization. I thought brazzers, because of their fame and reputation, would be the safest to do a transaction with. It wouldn't be too difficult to be a porn organization and still be an ethical business entity, but apparently brazzers has a point to prove that it's the dirtiest, nastiest, most disrespectable organization that it can possibly be. What did I expect, right?

Aug 31, 2017

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